Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles

What’s the matter? What’s going on? The money was robbed, My Lord. Damn it! Damn them all! – What’s going on? – Whatever it is, it’s time. Get ready, soldiers of God! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! Attack them! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! We have been defeated, Abdul Hameed. We won’t be victorious today. What I’m seeing here is something that goes beyond fighting. We were defeated before the battle even began. My Lord, we can retreat to Damascus and regroup. And we’ll take care of your household. – Let’s go, My Lord. – Retreat. Retreat. People of Damascus. Listen to me. People of Damascus. Marwan bin Muhammad is coming to us defeated, dragging his tail between his legs, as a result of his actions when he favored the Qais Tribe over us. People of Damascus, strike that corrupt and oppressive Caliph, and take everything he has. I’m giving you permission to loot the army of Marwan bin Muhammad. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. What’s going on, for God’s sake? The army commanders in Mosel failed me, the people of Damascus are fighting against me although I’m their Caliph, And my son-in-law overthrew me, took my throne, and wore the black colors of the Abbasids. And finally, Ibrahim bin Al-Waleed. After all I did for him. What’s done is done, My Lord. I’m thinking about something, if you agree to, we will save our skins and our money. What’s that? We will seek asylum with the Romans. We won’t be the first ones to do it. No. I won’t bring shame on Muslims. Then we’re doomed. The people of Damascus are right in what they’re doing. After I moved the Capital of the Caliphate away from them, and I gave privileges to their enemies, the Qais Tribe. No. I won’t run to the Romans. I’d rather be killed by the Abbasids than be a traitor. We shall go back to Harran. My Lord, let me find someone to take you to Egypt. What about the army?

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 15

The army? Do we have any army left? It has diminished, My Lord. That was a crazy idea to begin with. You made it look so simple, Abdul Hameed. I shouldn’t have listened to you. I should’ve looked beyond the tip of my nose. The Caliphate is not about ascending to the throne. The Caliphate is about staying on the throne. What’s done is done, My Lord. Don’t be angry, I’m not blaming you. I’m blaming myself. My Lord. Help us, My Lord. Help! Help, My Lord. Help, My Lord. The people of Damascus snuck in and stole our money and provisions. We must go after them, My Lord. We don’t have enough to tempt what remained of the army. Come on, men. Let’s go! Soldiers, commanders. We have reached the gates of Damascus. Syria is yours, and this was done by you and your commanders. – Victory for the Imam. – Victory for the Imam. – Victory for the Prophet’s Household. – Victory for the Prophet’s Household. Victory for the Muhammad’s Household. Victory for the Muhammad’s Household. Victory for the Imam. Victory for the Muhammad’s Household. Victory for the Imam. Victory for the Muhammad’s Household. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. Commanders, you have permission to loot Damascus until sunset. Loot whatever you want, and kill anyone who refuses to pledge allegiance to the Emir of the Believers. Even if it was Abdullah bin Ali himself. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. Hunt the Umayyads down in their homes, and in their estates and seize their money and properties. And have no mercy for them. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. – God is Greatest. Victory for Muhammad’s Household. Victory for Muhammad’s Household. Victory for Muhammad’s Household. Victory for Muhammad’s Household. Why did you order us to stop at this cave, My Lord? We’ll put our women in here. – But it looks very dreary. – That’s even better. – Listen, Abdul Hameed. – Yes, my lord. Choose a pious guard and give him orders to behead all of them, every last one of them, – if I… – don’t say it, my lord. Please don’t say it. There’s still some hope. God bless you, Ibn Yahya. You make a droplet look like a sea and a sea look like a droplet. – Listen, Abdul Hameed. – Yes, my lord. I now realize that we haven’t done the right thing. We denied the Yamanis right to the Capital of the Caliphate and we gave it to the Qaisis. Now go dismount our women and then we’ll go look for a place to stay. – Go. – Yes, my lord. Dismount the women of the Emir of the Believers. Why did Marwan leave us here? Is he afraid of the Abbasids or is he up to something else? Grandmother, why did my father leave us in this dreary place? It’s a safe place out of the Abbasids’ sight. But it’s too cold, and the place is full of poisonous reptiles.

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Besides, I saw my father’s caravan disappear in the distance, and he only left us with one guard. What would that guard do if the Abbasids attacked us? The Abbasids won’t find us, and your father didn’t go very far as you think. And the man he left with us isn’t a guard, he’s a servant. Move these corpses, go. – Is that the man? – Yes. He’s Abdullah Al-Jumahi. A man worth a thousand knights. What do you mean? I was told that if the Umayyads wanted to hide in the alleys of Damascus, nobody would be able to find them except one man, who knows where the Umayyad treasures are, with all the jewels, concubines and other valuables they have. In addition, he knows where Hisham’s treasures and money were hidden. Listen, Saleh. I want you to take what you need of men and money, and go after Marwan bin Muhammad. Some said they saw him in the Egyptian Desert. And don’t you dare go back without his head. As you wish, Sir. Come with me And this is another letter from Abdullah bin Ali in which he says that after the people of Qennisrin pledged allegiance to you as Caliph, through Abdullah, he appointed Majzaa Ibn Al-Kawthar Ibn Al-Hareth Al-Kilabi as their ruler. May God forgive you, Uncle! Doesn’t he know that Al-Kilabi is a friend of Marwan bin Muhammad’s and one of his rulers? Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace be upon you too. What’s the matter, Abu Jaafar? Do you remember when I told you that Abu Salama is hiding something? Yes. One of our supporters had heard Jaafar Al-Sadeq talking about a letter he received from Abu Salama Al-Khallal, inviting him to be the Caliph. What? When I heard about that I sent my men to verify that. They brought me his servant, Mirbah, and he confessed to me that he had delivered 3 letters. The first to Jaafar, the second to Abdullah, and the third to Omar. How fast glory goes away! How strange war is! It made princesses serve concubines. I don’t know why we’re keeping them while they disobey us. Why don’t we set them free, Grandmother? They are the property of Marwan bin Muhammad, and we cannot do that without the Caliph’s permission. If you’re not happy with us, then let us go. My Lord used to enjoy my singing and dancing, but I don’t think he’ll keep me after he was deposed. Woe betide you! Marwan is still the Emir of the Believers, and he’s still the Caliph. He wasn’t and he will not be deposed whether you like it or not. Do you understand? Ignore her, Grandmother. Go back to your place and don’t leave it unless the Caliph gives you permission. He’s still the Caliph whether you like it or not. The Caliph? The poet was right when he said: Where are the former dwellers? They left their houses empty. So they were replaced by the blowing wind., and the people who once supported them dispersed and parted ways with them, So they were left for the beasts to devour them over time. – I will kill you, concubine! – Let her go, Grandmother. Let her go. – Haven’t you heard what she said? – She said the truth. – The truth? – Yes. She said the truth, Grandmother. Look around you. Is this a place for the women of the Caliph? Are these their clothes and is this their food? We are hiding to avoid being killed. This is not something the women of a reigning Caliph would do. Welcome back, My Lord. Welcome back, Son. The Emir of the Believers is crying? I’m not crying for a lost kingdom, nor for lost glory. I’m crying for you. We are fine. We’re not in want for anything. It’s just a matter of days before the armies come back and you face your enemies again. I’ve instilled perseverance in you since you were a child. Go, Son. Go to your men, don’t keep them waiting. Calm down, Abu Jaafar. Calm down and keep this under wraps. Keep it under wraps? What are you saying, My Lord? Say something, Uncle. I don’t know. The Emir of the Believers had made Abu Salama a Minister for Muhammad’s Household, and gave him a palace, guards and servants. When was that? When I went with Uncle Abdullah to meet Marwan bin Muhammad, I met with the chieftains, to give them credit for what they had done for the Abbasid Call. And I gave them some of our properties that we got back of estates and lands. I remember that Suleiman bin Katheer suggested we appoint Abu Salama Al-Khallal as a Minister, as the Sasanis used to do, for he was a man who sacrificed a lot for the Call. And you know that he let us hide in his house, so I made him a Minister for Muhammad’s Household. No problem, Brother. I have a plan to avoid the wrath of the chieftains if we kill Abu Salama, and to avoid sparking gossip and rumors. What is it? Abu Muslim Al-Khorasani He has become a man of a huge following, and he even has more glory than you do, My Lord. – Who is this caravan for? – It’s for Abu Salama Al-Khallal, the Minister of Muhammad’s Household. May God help us! May God help us! God suffices me and He’s the Best Helper! I heard they ordered Hisham’s grave dug up. What would they do with the remains of Hisham? I heard they got his corpse out intact as it was coated with mercury, eucalyptus and rubia water. What’s so funny? You made me laugh, my friend, when I was about to cry of misery.

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