Al Sancak Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles free

You can’t take Al Sancak Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles free advantage of amnesty. Is not it? conviction for terrorism charges. I have no intention of going to bed for thirty years. You have 27 years left. Clench your teeth. And even though I was willing to help you… …which you destroyed with your disrespect.

Read. Yavuz. How do you know this man? I searched the internet. When I typed in deep links, the name popped up. I know he owes you. Forgive me, he’ll take care of it. Know your place, insolent! What do you trust? As for why I chose you… I needed someone that Cihangir could not buy . You are, Ramo. That’s what you would never do, Ramo. What is that? Would you rather be dead?

So you thought of my well-being? Did you plan with Sibel? Look, his plans were always different. It is known how many years he has been working with Cihangir Bey. Ambitious woman. A lot. It will be his turn. Now make up for this mistake. What if, huh? This audio recording is in the hands of Cihangir, cuf cuf… You cannot reach Cihangir.

Al Sancak Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles free

I will reach him the way I brought you here. One more thing. I want whatever dog Cihangir killed my brother Boz . Did you understand? Now I have to go back to jail urgently. The moment you get out of jail, Cihangir Bey will have you killed within 24 hours. You wouldn’t even know where the bullet came from . 24 hours is enough for me. You bastard. There is progress.


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I see you are now welcoming me at the windows. How long have you been absent? I thought you forgot me. How does he promise? Is it possible to forget you? Look, as I got off the plane, I took my breath in front of you. Where were you? Moscow. But don’t worry, I didn’t misbehave.

Besides, I don’t like blondes anyway. Banana. Do whatever you want. I don’t. Like this. What’s up bro? It’s time to say goodbye, Dmitri. No East, it has to be there. You have to find. It has to be the last week of September bro. More to come. It can’t be delayed.

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