Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download

Everything for the future of children banners Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download hang everywhere. What else do we want from the world as we enter the new year, right? TRUE. music falls sighs Didn’t Cem come down yet? Come on, it didn’t land. Elif, ee, can I talk to you about something? I am listening. Either your words hit my head. I don’t want to push my children away from me. But I have a strange feeling inside. What feeling?

Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download

sighs How should I know? It’s weird, I have to do weird weird things. tension music If I take our girl’s phone or what do I know, if we do something, you take a look at what’s going on, what’s going on, okay? I? You, of course. Not if I look now. You are like her older sister. Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download You can trust. If there is nothing, you say everything is fine. If there is a big problem, you point it out . That way, I wouldn’t be looking at everything about the girl and not messing with her privacy. But I will have read that special.

You don’t know either. Think of it like technical analysis. Such as giving information if there is a dangerous situation . Elif, you know. Homeland first, family second. Let me think about it. OK, think about it. We talk later. I hope we’re not too late for something. music falls Cem exhales No? I swear, if I solve this strategy, it will be good, I hope. How is it going? Not bad. I will do it. Child’s play. No way. I have to do it. heh. Where did you explode? Let me see.Korkut Ali sighs Wow! You ‘ve almost come to the end.

Let me tell you, the location of the mines changes in the game. No dear, he has an algorithm bro. What algorithm does it have for God’s sake? Are you on the miner’s side or are you on my side? I’m on the right side, man. Anyway, never mind the game, Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download are you nervous about this commissioner? No, what does it matter? Do I look like that? I don’t know, now you’ve met in ridiculous places. Our communication started strangely.

Well, if you hadn’t said hide your identity, there would not have been this strange communication between us. Come on! Brother, I said that for the sake of the operation . joyful music But the fact of meeting in these strange places doesn’t change. It really is. We met in Austria. On the table in Austria. So, what’s the probability of that? You went and sat at the girl’s table. This conversation was gentleman, but I did not sit down, it was the empty table. But where I was most surprised, you know?

Habtor’s trunk. I want to say boo to him too, but I don’t because I’m not a rude person. I think the real thing happened when you kidnapped the commissioner from the hospital. joyful music continues Ezgi said she might have seen Ali’s face. Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download With the effect of the drug, of course, I think he can’t connect the issue in his head now. I think you do too. Look, he saw me too, but he doesn’t know me. Nothing happens.

I mean, you really think you’ll recognize me by my eyes. I think he did. Are those eyes unrecognizable? Well… Well, we’ll see this evening anyway. Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download Yes. The commissioner accepted his offer to untie you tonight . But I trust you. joyful music ends Thank you, Elif. I’ve always trusted you too. So, I have to trust. We made a bet with Ezgi. Excuse me, I’m so sorry. joyful music What did you claim? Ali, to see if it will be solved in front of the commissioner. Add me too. Ok. So beautiful.

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As a team, we are making this reel together. Alparslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles free Download Continue. Yes. Where is the Claimant Ezgi? He went to the place beforehand, everything is ready. It will be there waiting for you. Aa, we have to go too. Hey bro, did you get the listening devices? I got it, it’s all in the bag. I’m waiting downstairs, Korkut. Korkut Ali Okay. Ok. We are below. We are ready. cem. joyful music continues Cem Huh? Are the buttons on that jacket too loose? Well. Let’s say what doesn’t suit the beautiful, let’s finish this job.

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