Aqif Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Then they have the digital currency. Aqif Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download. For now. Presumably the computer and disks will be in front of the Habtor somewhere in the East tomorrow morning. And this bastard will try to find someone to buy a gun. He didn’t put that video recording for nothing. What video? Lightning Cem will tell you. Now you are all going home. You’re getting ready, we’re leaving tomorrow. Let’s see, come on. Come on. Good luck with. Goodnight. Come, come. Good luck with. Come on bro. Does anyone drink tea?

Aqif Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Türkoğlu… tension music ends …we said luck, destiny or something, but without effort, there would be no luck or destiny. emotional music Also know this. The steps of luck are the voice of destiny. This bang is to show how serious we are! How many people died? 41 civilians, two children and 11 police brothers were martyred. My commander! My commander! My commander! unintelligible speech unintelligible speech Ali, are you okay? I am good. thriller male Get out. tension music continues male Bring me the evidence bag. Come. Let’s expand the border.

Right now, commissioner. Open it urgently. Come, Omer. Come on come on. Open, open. What did you do? What did you find? Open, open, open, open. Commissioner, the vehicle was rented from Gaziantep exactly one week ago . Renter? Fake ID, of course. Aqif Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download That’s right, the ID is fake. I immediately contacted Gaziantep police. I inspected the tool. This vehicle was once fined for incorrect parking. He also got EDS while running a red light . There is one more thing you should know . The person you see in the photo.

So, there is another one. Did you send it to face recognition? I’m sending it right now. So what are you following? How did he get you? By God, I did n’t understand that either, commissioner. I was talking to you on the phone. It went into a street. After that, the door opened. He is sitting next to me. Omar, keep searching. Find out who he is. Don’t worry, I’ll find out. I know you haven’t eaten or drank anything now. Drink this and sleep like that. Thank. Come on, drink. emotional music I’ll drink, drink, cool down a bit. You’re fine, aren’t you?

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May Allah give patience to those who lost their relatives, my Lord. So, I hope those who did this never see the light of day! Oh my God, forgive me. It is good that my son works at the computer, at the desk. What if you did your duty on the streets? Ok I know. Service to the state is sacred. But boy, I was losing you once. I am very afraid that I will experience the same things again. Mommy, okay, just like you said. I’m already at the desk. You have nothing to worry about. It’s in your head. I’m worried son, I’m worried. I am mother.

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