Aqif Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

. You see what happened, Aqif Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download . Cem, you need to delete all the cameras in the restaurant. OK, I’ll take care of that but the phone? They took the phone and ran away, I’m after your men. Did you find anything? Brother, there was no result from the scan, so you shouldn’t go after the man. We need to find out who did this. No bro. Look, you need to get away from there quietly right now. Look, the same things will happen again, I know. – – Find my location via GPS. Tell me how to get in front of the men . What am I saying, what are you saying?

Aqif Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Come on, Cem, I’m on top of the engine bro, tell me how to get in front of that vehicle . Okay, I’m looking. That road you take leads out of the city. I’m looking for an alternative way, hold on. Wait, I found it. Take the first right, then turn right again. -How are you bro? – I’m fine, I’m fine. Did the man run away? – – Ali, you need to get away from there now, brother. Two off-road vehicles are coming towards you. Who’s coming, did you find out? I don’t know, I’m looking, but you get out of there now bro. Look, don’t mess around anymore. Is there a place I can hide on the way? I’m looking.

I’m looking. There is! There is! Old building I guess. It’s like a factory. One kilometer ahead. Go that way. – – Are you okay? I’m fine I’m fine. Ali, you like action, right? You can’t contain yourself. Oh boy, you are one of the smartest, bravest kids this country has ever produced. If I say you will give your life for this country now, you would give your life without hesitation, I know that too. But what is this? Does this happen? You are useful while living in this country, my son. You are right sir. If I hear or read something like this again … It won’t happen again, President. – – How are we to believe? I pretend to believe it.

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Anyways. As always, you did not come back empty-handed. Aqif Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Show me. President, two names came up on the murdered man’s phone. The first is Goran Losic. The second is Habtor Bin Said. There are no records of Goran Losic. It’s as if the man was born with this phone. Habtor Bin Said appears to have died according to our records. Presumably they both used different identities. Jim is investigating. Other? President, I think one of them is preparing a game on our country from the West and the other from the East . I asked who gave the order to kill this murdered man.

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