Destan Episode 28

Destan Episode 28 Final Episode in Urdu Subtitles free

Khawarij and Destan Episode 28 , and I’m here only to fight them. I don’t know why you are more concerned about them than the Caliph himself, although he’s the one threatened by them. I don’t want to talk about anything other than Iraq, for nothing else preoccupies me.

That’s why I gathered you here. Iraq is disturbed with riots and chaos, and the situation there has gotten very critical, and it’s gotten out Destan Episode 28 of control. So, who can subdue Iraq with his cutting sword, his wise mind and his sensible heart as to extinguish the flames of unrest there, and support those who were wronged, so stability and security would be restored?

Who? Emir of Believers, I can take care of Iraq. Put your hand down, Hajjaj. Why are you bowing your heads and not saying anything? My Lord, I can take care of Iraq. I am the conqueror of sinners, and the extinguisher of the flames of unrest.

Destan Episode 28

– You’re not the man for it, Hajjaj. – I’m the eliminator of darkness, the source of wisdom, and the infidel’s nightmare. Destan You’re not the man for this, Hajjaj, so put your hand down. – Who can rule Iraq? – I can. I wanted you to be the last to speak, Hajjaj.

And I asked three times, but no one else answered but you. I think you are the man for this. Everything must have a statement, so what’s your statement in this regard? Punishment and forgiveness, capability destan Episode 28 and affluence, selection and banishment, cruelty and loyalty, alertness and firmness, caution and determination, and engaging in fierce wars.

I shall punish whoever opposes me, torture whoever disagrees with me, torment whoever argues with me, be generous to whoever approaches me, grant security to whoever asks me for it. and honor whoever seeks obedience.

This is my statement, and you only have to test me, My Lord, to find whether I’m a ruthless reaper of lives, a collector of money and one brings you benefit, Otherwise, you can replace me, for there are many people out there, but not there aren’t many who can assume this responsibility.

You are the man for it, Hajjaj. What do you need? Some soldiers and money. Listen, Waleed, provide him with the soldiers and money he needs. – When will you set out to Iraq? – My Lord, I am eager to do that as soon as possible. I don’t know if I can wait until I am ready.

Here you go. We don’t accept Byzantine money here. How do you do transactions then, while you don’t have your own currency? Destan Episode 28 We do. In the Umayyad state, destan Episode 28 we only deal with Arabic currency. With this, the Arabic Dinar, contrived and circulated by Caliph Abdul Malek.

It’s the only currency we accept. My Lord, I am attached to you by a determination that makes ever so ambitious. I took a part of you to keep it with me, so I’d constantly be afraid of incurring your wrath, and work hard to win your approval.

Proceed with that, and kill anyone who’s defiant and disobedient, for I heard about them things that displeased me. I shall do that, Destan My Lord. I’m interested in the affairs of Iraq before even arriving there.

I prayed to God to test me by having them as my subjects, and to test them by making me their prefect. So God answered my prayers, Destan final episode thanks to you, destan My Lord. Proceed with God’s blessing and mine to the two Iraqs; Kufa and Basra.

Once you arrive to Kufa, enter it in such a way that scares the people of Basra to death. And once you arrive to Basra, enter it in such a way that scares Destan Episode 28 the people Kufa to death. Messenger, you’ve brought me a letter that provoked my anger.

If I didn’t honor messengers, regardless of their letters I would have punished you for carrying it. Don’t you have a proverb that says: Destan Episode 28 Final Episode “Never kill the messenger.” Destan Episode 28 You reported infuriating news. Then what would be your response to My Lord, the Emperor?

I will not respond to this letter. I will just suppress my anger without replying with another one like it. As for what you demand as if it were your God-given right, we reject it. – Caliph… – I’m not finished, messenger, so keep listening until I’m done.

We used to pay Byzantium some money to defend our Northern borders against the Jarajima tribes and the damage they caused and the terror Destan they caused to people. And we did that, Caliph. Not as well as you should.

Therefore, we will take this matter into our hands. But this money you pay to the Emperor was agreed upon. Do you think it is a tax imposed on us man? Listen, go back to your Lord and report this to him;

The Byzantine Emperor can impose nothing on Abdul Malek, the Caliph of Muslims. – There’s something else, Caliph. – Don’t mention it, messenger. We know it, and we know that it infuriates you.

Yes, we liberated ourselves from the Byzantine currency and replaced it with the Arabic Dinar. This is not open for discussion. As you see, we share nothing with Byzantium except for good neighboring relationships.

If you maintain it, then we will. Convey this message to your Emperor. What do you think, Waleed? They underestimated us, so they got arrogant. Not for long, just until we’re done with our internal issues, which hold us back from facing our external enemies.

The session is adjourned. During the session I noticed a saying that almost escaped your lips, but you repressed it. – It’s nothing serious. – If it were so, you wouldn’t have hesitated to speak up. It is regarding Iraq’s affairs.

It’s as if you are no longer concerned about this issue, Destan after sending Al-Hajjaj there, and I’m a little afraid. Afraid? of what? I am afraid… that putting Al-Hajjaj in charge of Iraq would inflame the state of unrest, rather than suppress it.

It will, I know that, but this requires a strong and firm man, and Al-Hajjaj has got what it takes. He has got what it takes indeed. Come with me, Waleed. Destan Episode 28 We will camp here and head for Kufa tomorrow. We don’t know what awaits us tomorrow.

Dismount. Yes, Khaled. We prevented this from happening because we thought it was more than just a marriage between a man and a woman. But now, things have changed, and nothing stands in your way anymore. You can pursue this marriage with our blessing. –

I want that camel. – What for, My Lord? I want to enter Kufa on its back. My Lord, It has no saddle or cover. That’s what I need. How could the Caliph discharge me while I’m an Umayyad, and assign a man from Thaqif as a prefect over the two Iraqs?

That’s fine, I shall depart. May God compensate me with something better. My Lord, the people have gathered in the Mosque for Friday prayers. Go and tell them that I’m coming. As for you, guard the gates of the Mosque with your swords.

Whoever tries to exit before I’m done or without my permission, will have his head chopped off and separated from his body. People of Kufa, Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf has come as the prefect of Iraq, so await his arrival to address you.

Step aside from him. How could the Umayyads assign such a man as the prefect of Iraq? I collected some stones to throw at him. Wait until we hear from him. Read the letter of the Emir of Believers to them.

In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. From Abdul Malek bin Marwan to the Muslims in Kufa. Peace be upon you. Woe be to you! The Caliph greets you and you don’t answer! By God, I shall discipline you so you’d change this attitude.

Start over. From Abdul Malek bin Marwan to the Muslims in Kufa. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. O people, the Emir of Believers, may God grant him long life, has assigned me as your prefect.

He ordered me to do justice unto the wronged, and punish the transgressors among you. And I’ll tell you, that when he assigned me as your prefect he gave me two swords: The sword of mercy and the sword of wrath and torture.

As for the sword of mercy, I dropped it on my way and lost it, and as for the sword of wrath and torture, here it is. I am the most eminent man with the high-flung aspirations, once I put my turban on, you’ll recognize me.

People of Kufa, by God, I am a man who doesn’t tolerate wrongdoing, and I punish it with what it deserves. I can see aspiring eyes, and long necks, and I see heads that are ripe for cutting. and I am the man to do it.

I can almost see blood flowing between the turbans and the beards. By God, O people of Iraq, people of dissension and hypocrisy, and of immorality, I have been tested through trials, and I was assigned to the most difficult missions.

The Emir of Believers, may God grant him long life, gripped his men like arrows and scattered them before him and put each to the test, and he Destan found me to be the toughest and the hardest to break among them, so he sent me to you;

because you plunged into tumult, and went down the path of delusion, and adopted the methods of cunning and deceit. By God, I shall torture you by the cane and hit you like a stray camel back to the caravan.

Verily, if I promise, I fulfill and when I seek, I achieve. I shall shed your blood by the sword, rendering your wives widows, and your children orphans. The Emir of Believers has ordered me to give you your payments, and to send you to fight the Khawarij with Al-Muhallab.

I swear by Almighty God, if anyone fails to show up Destan Episode 28 three days after receiving his payment, I shall shed his blood, confiscate his property, and demolish his house. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles free

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