Kalabsh Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitles

I am worried about him, Abdulhameed. This is our only child we have. You are worried about him, but from what, Nadia? – He is going to be an officer. – That’s exactly what I’m afraid of! It is a job full of threats… …and full of problems. If it is not going to be for his sake… …consider it for his little sister. We can’t handle it our whole life. Let him …and forget everything in your mind. Do you like what we are in, Nadia?

Kalabsh Don’t fool yourself. This country is the country of officers. Plus, our child is not child anymore; he is a real man! I will do my best to let him enter the Police Academy. Why is that only, Abdulhameed? You want my hurt to hurt me the whole time. Because I do care about him, dear Nadia. I am afraid you will throw him into hell by your hands! Don’t be afraid, Nadia. The graces he will get doing that job… …will make him forget about that hell you are talking about. No, Abdulhameed… I am worried about him. We’ve been trained to be fair-resist ones; so fair can’t enter our hearts! Besides, we are not more valuable than who have passed before us… …and we have the responsibility of their blood.

The operation is not easy this time; it is so hard. However, we can do it! Aren’t we?! – We are sir, yes sir! – We will go and back safe and sound.. – As you order, sir. – Your voice is so low! – Sir, yes sir. – I can’t hear you. Sir, yes sir. – Why were you late? – I had May God be with us. The 1st EP. You didn’t tell me why you were late. I was praying ‘Isha. ‘Isha? Swear! I was going to pray. But I received a call from the madam. The “madam”? What’s going on with you, be man. Don’t worry, as soon as I get married, everything will be different. I doubt so. The first time you enter your house, she retrain you as she wishes! Don’t say that, I was trained by you, and I’m… …I am going to control everything. But in order to do so, I have a request from you. Name it. To give me a week leave for marriage… …and after we return two days extra. Are you sure we are going to return? Are you kidding me, sir?

Why we wouldn’t, I have my wedding after two days. You are worried about the bride or about the expenses? To be honest, about the expenses. Of course, as usual! Don’t worry. We will return Insha’Allah. Be patient… …and depend on Allah. (Finishing her praying and saying it twice) Peace be upon you Where is your son, lady? I swear son, I don’t know anything about him. Are you kidding us? WHERE IS YOUR SON? Easy on her, sir. Nothing like that, take her. I beg you sir, don’t do it. My mother, tell me your son’s place and we’ll return him back within 3 days. – That’s only if you cooperate with us.. – Hurry up, Hisham! I will make her talk. Hisham! Hisham! Leave the child… He’s not guilty. No one is innocent in what we are going through. If you are worried about this boy, don’t worry. If he died, he would go heaven with me. But check yourself and your followers!

Kalabsh Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Who told you these few words… …why didn’t he die instead of you? Ask the dead one if you want. If you are so concerned about the boy, let me go. We’ve been letting you go for a long time, Ashour. Your chances are over. They didn’t and they won’t at all! If you get any closer, I will kill the boy immediately. Also, I will die – I know it – but 10 man like me will be born! Just like your dead friend. Our generation is endless till the doomsday, sir. Anyway, just leave the boy, Ashour. The dead ones are more than enough. Just dead instead of him! – Only leave the boy. – Drop your weapon. Drop your weapon! I’ve just done what you asked, now just leave the boy. I will drop the weapon and then enter, but leave the boy. Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! I wouldn’t kill a little boy. First of all, he started his life with martial arts in some related center.

Then he joined a university with extremist ideology. Then, he traveled to fight in Syria and Libya; in their universities. The special forces caught him sneaking secretly to do… …some terrorist actions and assassin some other people. They didn’t mention you here at all, Selim. How should I be proud of your name among my friends now?! Look, wait a sec. However, a specific member of the forces took him down after a… …long battle, in which as a result, the lieutenant.. was martyred. The lieutenant Hisham Al-Sharkawi. He was his parents’ only child, and his wedding was today. His wedding day turned to be his funeral day. I believe that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammed is his messenger. May God helps his family. Thanks God you survived! Salma… …hand me a suit from the cabinet. Where are you going to? You are going to go and you are so tired like that? He died protecting me. The least thing I can do is to attend his funeral. Let me tell you something… Yusuf is coming, you can go with him by ca.. I am not waiting for anyone.

Let him follow me as soon as he is available. He told me that he would be here within 15 minutes at most. – He is just come! – Go ahead and open the door. What is this Farida? – How are you, Salma? – Come in please. Thanks God to see you safe and sound again, Selim. What I can do, Salma? The traffic is unbelievable. I am just here. Look, can you just come down? There are a lot of things, I can’t carry all of them on my own. Yes.. I missed you. I want to sit with you alone somewhere. But, let’s just finish that work with your brother. We will see.. Hold a sec, or you will perish yourself. Hold on, I am coming. Guys, I need to come down and help Yusuf… …carrying things out, as there’re lots of things. A lot? Okay sweetie, go ahead. Are you satisfied because of what you are doing?

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As long as you love him, and convinced about the idea of being with him… …no one chooses who to love or who to not. I am sorry, I need to leave and go to help him out carrying things. – Take me with you, Salma. – Where are you going to, lady? I will sit in the living room a little bit. Plus, you are not a stranger, dear. Of course, I am not. Come on. You will never change. Your tongue is sharp and merciless to anyone. No one of us is changed, Selim. If there is anyone would be so, it would you firstly. The one who should change of himself is who has a problem. Do you think about yourself as angel with two wings, and you don’t make mistakes? I make mistakes of course. But at least, a common and a normal human. And me is the crazy one? You will ruin our time whether it is for good, or not! Did you know why we left each other? No, I don’t, and I hope you explain it to me. Because, you ruin everything with you attitude. You want me like anyone of your soldier… …come here, and go there! Hey you… – …haven’t you learned of what happened? – I was waiting you to learn a little bit. – Basically, I didn’t come to talk about past. – So, why are you here? I came to check up on you. No matter what happened between us, it wouldn’t prevent my… …heart to be worried when it hearts about what happened to you. Obviously, me being here disturbed you. I am sorry that I came. I didn’t mean that Farida. You between anyone else in the whole world should… …know that with coming here, you gave me my soul back. It doesn’t seem like that. If we are separated and didn’t get married, that… …doesn’t mean I forgot everything between us. You have just said it… …”no one chooses who to love or who to not”. Since when you get convinced of what I tell you and agree with me? Anyway, it is not its time at all. Condolences to you. Thank God for your safety. Thank you, Mr. Faiz. Selim… …I heard that you went the gym for a few time. Do you make the intelligence forces watch us? How many times do you do the Push-ups? What we are in brought us Pressure disease! Insha’Allah it is good Mr. Faiz. I hope so, it is the first time for you wearing this suit; the madam’s type for sure. I don’t care about brands and things like that. She selects and I tell her: “That’s cool that’s pretty, Madam”. They like it like that. But you know sir that I am not married. Of course, you didn’t bring me here to ask me about the suit, did you? You are an officer, and your outfit is so important. You are also a reflection of everyone, especially, your dad. I couldn’t get it. The decision to transfer you was made by the Minister of the Interior yesterday. Can I know why? We are officers, Selim. When we receive orders, we don’t ask why, we ask when! But, this is so injustice! What about what you have done? What were you expecting me to do? – To play with him? – No. However, you are an officer… …and you are responsible of your actions. As you killed that man… …we lost lots of information that could have been collected from him! What would happen next? Kalabsh He is going to be hold accountable for some years… …then he will be out and lives his life normally! Have you appointed yourself a judge and begun to issue orders? Isn’t it what was going to happen? There is nothing like that. The law is above me and you. But that has no relation to us. The boy also was about to die! I was the one who saved him. But you prevented the justice from doing its job. The justice is what I did! I lost my teammate in front of my eyes! I lost six of them! The same happened with me!

Do you know what six of special forces getting killed does mean? Six houses turned into fire as a condolence on them! Six of your friends… …each one of them tells you a story of him that stay with you. But you don’t know who you can tell it to! You wish… …the next one is you. So you can be saved from the same nightmare the night before each and every operation. Selim, by the way… I might have done the same of what you did and maybe even more… …and I find myself a thousand reasons. However, I focused on the moment. …why I am here? Why I dress the outfit of the special forces? Because that outfit changes my mood, and my everything.


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