Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

When there is no talent, Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download he is loaded into the lessons. AA . Now look. joyful music Son, you should study hard like your older sister and trust your mind, not your physique. Yes that’s right. Also, my daughter will be the first in the country. Of course, she will be the first in the country, she will be the first in the world. Even if he is not, he is already the first in my heart. Yusuf What is the use of being the world’s first?

Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

No, dad, this is going to get into NASA and discover new galaxies. I was silent, I was silent, but now I’m going to break your head. If you catch it, you break it. Shh, don’t. Slow. Don’t do that. Don’t rush. We have a job with them. joyful music continues Why are you laughing? Something occurred to me. Do you remember? This Alpine was very small. Once you opened the diaper, the diaper was clean. After that, he had you covered from head to toe for two meters. Of course I remember. You were laughing just like that while I was pooping like that. joyful music ends Yeah.

Did he tell? Exit. Elfaz, do you remember me? Of course you don’t remember, how will you remember? Many years passed, years passed. You were after the wrong things, you were with the wrong guys. History, 2001. tension effect Location, northern border of Azerbaijan. You are old. I did not live so that I would grow old. Bozok. Lightning Bozok. The man with whom Habtor Bin Said set up games. Did he kill your wife or daughter? I will kill you . I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you . Thriller music Do n’t mention my wife, my daughter’s name. I kill . I will kill you . coughs Brother, don’t get your hands dirty.

Now you can either tell me what you know one by one, or I will hand you over as the one who made the bombs and planned the stadium attack . Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download I’ll tear you apart . thriller continues Okay, I’ll explain, but on one condition. You will not keep me here. You will put it in a country in Europe. You will destroy. Elfaz I will start a brand new life with a brand new identity. Another? You’ll be helping me financially until I can take care of myself. Then you will forget. No one will come after me again. The Habtor will soon find out that I’ve been kidnapped.

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It guesses what you did. If you don’t save my life, I won’t tell you anything, Bozok. Okay, agreed. Accept. Ok. tension music continues Now tell me, tell me. What is this dude up to? He made a deal for a big gun purchase. over Russia. The party will come. It would be delivered in a few days. Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Did he hire you for this job? Just for the stadium attack, huh? Since you are under his control , he has other plans and plans. You tell me about them. Apart from those future weapons, there is also a rocket. He agreed with me for him. Rocket?

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