Serhat Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

I do not know. Serhat Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download You say you don’t know what to ask, then you sing like a nightingale. message voice I’ll take a look at that. thriller continues You have a message, Zair. It won’t open. Isn’t that Habtor’s man? Enter the password. Look at me, don’t make me crazy, you hear? tension music continues Elif, inform the forensic medicine. Let them send a team here, it’s urgent. Now bro. The poor security guards they replaced, right? What.

Serhat Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Shh, look at me, Yusuf father, is their situation bad? Not worse than you. Not worse than me. We stepped on the rope. Not worse than me. Here you go. In other words, these types of organizations do not make such plans. I mean, they’ve been pretty busy, it’s weird. You’re right. So what do you say to the commissioner, brother? He took his man after him. He followed me to headquarters. You noticed well. What will I not notice? As soon as it came out, I realized that what I don’t understand is how did this girl get this information? This is cross border information. It means it works very well.

I mean, he has as good information as we do. This means that there is a movement within the border as well , so that it can access this information. phone rings tension music ends My mother is calling, we are in Ankara. Ok. Sir, mother? Son, ee, you didn’t call, I was wondering too. There was a bit of intensity. Where are you? Are you eating? He. We are with Cem. We are in Ankara Aunt Lale is in Ankara. Good, good, bon appetit. What are you doing? How is my grandfather? How about it, my son. He was very affected by these explosion events. He’s going, he’s coming. Well, he’s fine.

Do not worry about it. Come on, bon appetit to you. We will speak later. Let’s kiss. My stomach is really up. Let me eat with such pleasure , wait a minute. Love those animals a little bit. We love. AA. Dad, what are they? My will is my daughter. Are you kidding me? No, why joke? How old am I, can’t you see? emotional music What if something happens to me tomorrow? Ok dad. Night by night, repent repent. Look, all I have is you and Korkut Ali, okay? Dad, you have another daughter, remember?

Sorry Lale, your sister is not as smart as you. If I leave anything to him, he will come to me saying I love him like crazy, and his husband , whom he cried for, will sell everything and continue to gamble. But it’s not like that. I already have two houses, my daughter. So what is it? These are Korkut Ali’s. So what is it? I said Korkut Ali, my daughter. If it were yours, I’ll tell you what happened, but these are Korkut Ali’s. He knows exactly what to do if something happens to me. Do not worry. Good. Thanks. thriller music They did indeed plant mines. There is something under the mine. How?

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What is it bro? Computer, I guess. Heh, good. Let’s be if this merch doesn’t explode. Kemal, wait a minute, don’t move, let the man do his job. What did you say, father, what were you told? I’m tired already. Come on bro, you take it out as soon as possible. Come on bro. thriller continues Any other requests? No, thanks. I was just going to ask one thing. There was brother Sadri, brother Sadri, the chief of this place. I couldn’t see it here, where is he? I guess you haven’t been here for a long time. We lost three years ago. Come on . Rest in peace. He was a very fatherly man. Rest in peace.

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