Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download

Yusuf, you go to the gas station, Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download get these camera records right away, come on. Ok. Brother, stop, stop. You don’t need to go. I’ll take care of that from here, but give me a minute or two. tension music continues Look, look, look, look, look, look at the bastard. He bought gas to burn the car. Isn’t it illegal to buy petrol with a can? How do you get these?

Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download

They deceived the poor employee by saying that my car was stuck on the road . I’m sorry if I say it, dear, it would be an insult to dogs. They are not called pushes. TRUE. Of course, he made the payment in cash and got the job done. Computer guy , can you figure out who this guy is? Brother, the man is wearing a hat, the image quality is not good, but it is possible if I combine the frames he appears . I’ll take care of it if you give it some time.

When I combine them in artificial intelligence for facial recognition, this picture emerges. Now let’s search for it in facial recognition. thriller continues Huh, Kather Morad. Persian. According to international records, it is affiliated with the Hashd alShaabi Organization. He did not participate in any action in Turkey. Shadow militant. Joseph Could be. The fact that he’s not registered anywhere doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything, though. Look at me Computer man, use all your skill.

Use all the details of this computer , find this man. Okay, but it takes some time. Don’t wait in vain here. We’ll let you know when we’re done with Elif. OK, fine. Elif, take it easy. Goodbye, take it easy. You are super, super. Come on, I’ll see you. Let’s see where you are. tension music continues Elif, I’m sending you an IP address, check it out. tension music continues Where are we going bro? Won’t you tell? First I’ll stop by a house, and then I have an old tailor friend. I will go to him.

Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download

tension music ends Wasn’t your house at headquarters, brother? Never mind, Joseph. Don’t mix things up now. All right, bro. By the way, thank you, it was a hassle. My car couldn’t get out of service . message voice Don’t be silly. message voice Ok. What ok? In this message Ok. I’m crazy about those who write. Okay write. I don’t know, okay, write. Write OK, but Ok. so write. Me too, but this is what those who like to write short, I don’t know, those who make trips or something.

Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download

There is nothing to trip over. Who wrote? The less we know about each other , the less we know… Lieutenant. Are you texting with the commissioner? What. Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download thriller music You know, I offered him dinner, he refused. I know. That’s what I’m saying, you know. Now I’m telling you the part you don’t know. He accepted my offer of food. What. He will interrogate you. I will interrogate him. I will learn everything except what is written on that board . Be careful, he doesn’t learn anything from you.

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tension music rises Hi. Hello. Elif, can I ask you something? huh huh. You know what you said… There is nothing more important than a girl trusting her father or something. Subat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles free Download Yes. Yusuf Well. How will I know if my daughter trusts me? Okay, I can understand if the person in front of me is stealing a gun or lying or if he is a spy… …how do I know what my daughter trusts me and does not tell me ? If you are asking this question and wondering about your daughter, then you are already a good father.

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