Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 36


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 36

Sultan added in his letter to Richard

“Oh Richard, you mentioned your Lord in Jerusalem as if it were a church on the Isle of England. The surrounding settlements were razed, the wells were poisoned. Thirst for your blood, wait.

The cold Syria you complain about, the ice and snow you take for granted in England, a lot less, we won’t make Ashkelon a resting place for pirates, it has to be uprooted, and we’re adamant about that. We will occupy Jerusalem as it is. Let us remember the lesson of prohibiting holy places. So, Christians are allowed to visit and the permission will remain the same.

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Honey! Your poor country army is exhausted. Frederick Mirchka, the king of France is back you want to go back, but you have ordered sailors to teach, but you are threatening war. We are satisfied with the closeness of our loved ones in our home country. There is no blessing that cannot be honored by us In this great war, Salahuddin endured the crusade alone and it is not impolite to interpret our Holy Prophet (PBUH). But, O King, if it is necessary to protect the Holy City, we will raise our hands before every king and every poor man in the Islamic world, and will continue to fight until every soldier is martyred.

The murderer of four thousand innocent and unharmed Muslims in Akka, your sister was sent away with the honor of being a king. “

She handed the letter to Malik Adil and stepped into the veil where Jane was waiting to leave.


The sound of burning prayers came from the minaret of the mosque on the side of Damascus Palace, preventing the flow of Sultan Azam’s thoughts. Durood-e-Wazaif in the same way.

“The bishop of the west should be invited.”

Time flies so fast, and it carries the best memories of my life. The yellow imprint gleamed in the sunlight, and the two raised their eyebrows at the same time.

“Is Tachudin here?”

”why? ”

He thought about it, then went downstairs. He was greeted by the Nisar. I was passing in front of a heavy python. Kurdish and Seljuk armies under the command of the Mamluks are replacing them. Let them hunt with their eyes. Cheetah. Tap them on the neck. Eagle and a pair of arms and gratitude. The doctor came with a special one. Slaves put chairs on vegetables. The doctor saw the pulse and gave the order.

“Thanks to Almighty God, the mood is healthy. But until you are completely healthy, routines should be avoided.”

Sultan smiled, and he looked up to see Tachudin coming. A wheat-colored face, a short black beard, a tall and heavy body, a yellow turban on a white robe, and the noble sword that the Sultan wore around his waist when Harding was victorious. The car almost stepped under the leather socks. He kissed the sword, wrapped it around his head, and bowed his head.

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