Teskilat Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles free

Shocked aren’t you? Yeah. Teskilat Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles free It’s pretty much here. Selin, this is the first time we’ve been this close. We talked. Well. I said Black Faruk, I will tell you everything. Look at me, you didn’t tell me did you? Partially. What does Zehra mean partially? In part like this…

I told you that I would have to get married. And that I’m not in love with Ziya Hodja. Well, then? Then he said goodbye and left. huh. huh? Selin I say to you that Black Faruk came, then he said goodbye and left… …are you saying haha? Is that so? Will I ever see him again? Well, it would be much better if you didn’t see my dear Zehra. So this is the best for you.

Teskilat Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles free

Repent, repent. But I need to know who you are, Selin. Maybe she is the love of my life. Selin. While we were talking to Kara Faruk in the garden, someone might have seen us. What? [Like that, I heard a crunch…] …I think it might be Melis or Ziya Hodja. But I looked around, no one was there. I mean, if it was Ziya Hodja, you would explain the situation somehow. So you talk, it’s solved.

But as for Melis, we’re done. What if it was Melis, she must have already made a fuss. What if it’s Ziya Hodja? What? Well, you should have thought about it while talking to Kara Faruk in the garden corners, young lady. Just over the mark. Engagement? Oh, you don’t know what happened. Of course, when my grandfather heard the rumors about Black Faruk from Tülin, he went crazy.

Oh really. Well, now they will hold it as a wedding. Zehra. What if someone else saw you in the garden? Who, Tulin or something? Why can’t it be? Is it possible? Can’t it? It could be… It could n’t be. Just like her daughter, Tülin, if she had seen it, you would know, the house had already stood up right now. Then he is Ziya Hodja. Oh, God forbid. Would it be better if someone else saw my dear Zehra, huh?

Teskilat Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles free

What do you mean, Selin? Speak clearly. Well, dear Zehra, I think first thing in the morning… …go talk to Ziya Hodja. Search your mouth. What is not? Did he sense anything? I’m sleepy, I’m going to bed. [Repent.] He is a cat. It is the cat. Hey, it’s a cat. Who is Black Faruk? Why is he wearing a mask?



If Zehra doesn’t love Ziya Hodja, why is she getting married? Why did Zehra say I have to get married? What obligation do you have? What the hell is going on here? I know this woman from somewhere, but I couldn’t tell from where. Celebrity is also a woman. What happened to my brother?

Teskilat Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles free

Roses bloom on her face again. No, did Aunt Zehra pass over you? He lied. Did he lie? What lie did he tell? You know, there was this conversation about setting Semih to Selin. [Yes.] They all came out. Come on. Who is it set to? It’s set for you. Really?

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