Teskilat Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles free

Oh, of course, I worked all night, Teskilat Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles free sir. Until I’m sleepy of course. Let’s get started, Miss Juliette, let’s take you to the balcony. Mr. Ashraf. Thank you, Ashraf. Here you go, you too, my smile. heh there. I’m starting, sir. He mocks the wound, the uninjured!

Teskilat Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles free

You’re very sorry, I’m very sorry, sorry. Sorry one second. The moon is dirty! Ok ok I’m ready. I’m taking it again. – Come in. He mocks the wound, the uninjured! Look how pale the Goddess with grief. Because you’re so much prettier than her. Look! How she touches that hand with her cheek!

Oh, if only I had been the glove he wore on his hand… …I would have touched that cheek. Bravo! How is it, sir? – Super. I found the sun. I think these will be. Come here. It suits you very well, Sun, let’s see! I love it! Finally, our tastes overlap. Lady, here’s your dress. – Finally. The sun cabins are behind! Let’s try! Sun. Late girl. Take this too.

Let’s see how it will hold up. Sun. Sun! Come here! Come here! Vote beautiful! No, I’m here, come now! Get your shoes on now. Come here, hold on. Come here. That too, please. – Subject to. Ah! I’m so sorry you will forgive me! – Pay attention, look ahead! Run Sun run. The color of this moon is very beautiful.

Let’s make it a nice package, please. Of course sir . Sun. This moon is beautiful too. How long did it take… Could you hurry up a bit, please? It’s over now, lady. – Thanks. This one could not wear a dress in forty hours. Sun! Sun! Girl, can’t you wear it yet- Sun! Have you seen my daughter?

Teskilat Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles free

– No I did not see. Have you seen my daughter? – No, we haven’t seen her. She had long blonde hair! – We didn’t see it. How did you not see my daughter! Sun! Sun! Sun! You tricked me! You cheated! This time, no one will take you away from me! Sun! Sun! Sun! Come on, honey, the car’s right over there.

Are you guys talking about me with your friends? Samim is also a physics professor. Moon Sun, look at the beauty of that dress! We must try it for sure, come on! Come to the sun event. Excuse me, we want to try on the dress in the window. And I’m bringing it right away. –

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Thanks. While we bring that dress, let’s not be idle and look at the shoes. Pardon! – Sorry bro. Elif, this place is too big. Let’s break up. – Ok. You’re the one who found the sun, okay? You go this way. – Ok. Look at the sun! You’ll love it, let’s try it. Sit down here. Let’s try it nice.

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What’s going on? Is it small? But you have a precious life. OK. I’m coming right now to find the bigger one. Teskilat Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles free Yes, friends… This is our teacher. – Where were we last night? My teacher is on the balcony scene. By Allah, you are like poison, Mr. Eşref. Thanks. – As usual, of course. Now that Romeo is here, what about Juliette? Where is Juliette? I came, I came! Is this the moon, Juliette? Sir, I hope our memorization is complete today.

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