Yalnız Kurt Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

Get Out! We know who you are! Drop the weapons and surrender! They blocked our way. Ordinance? These are Americans. Don’t act, wait for news from me. We know who you are! Drop the weapons and surrender! No one will be harmed! Waiting for conflict confirmation. Center, I’m waiting for a shootout! I spoke to the center. It’s a covert operation. We are not allowed to clash. How is it not allowed? Will we surrender? Instead of putting a sack on our heads… …I’d rather wear a shroud. Are you there? Go ! Rocket! Sare! saree! Guns! Falcon! Five, four, three… …two… …one… …zero.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 13

Why is this generator not working? Poplar! Brother! Brother! Who are they! Brother, the time has come, a herd of dogs! How many of us are we son? Brother, you, me, Kavak. the three of us. Come on come on. Jump on the roof, on the roof! [ Gunshots] Mr. Doğan! Come on Saadet, come on! Look honey… …you’ll wait for me here, okay? Whatever happens… …don’t get out of here before I come. OK? OK. Damn! Born! Get out, you bastard! Show your face! You’re done, Doğan! You’re done *** man! I’m a man too!

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We can’t finish! Poplar! What is he saying, this dog! It gives the gas, brother. It gives the intermediate gas, the intermediate gas. Give me the gas too! Campaign! They’re coming from the right! I’m here bro, I’m here! Come on Sefer! Brother! What the hell? Let go, let me go! Who are you? Leave me! Damn, let it go! Let go, let me go! Who are you, what do you want from me? We’re friends. You do not need to worry. Or rather… …we’ll be friends. That’s not friendly.


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