Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

I’m going to follow Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download the clues I have. Narrow time. We’re stuck again. When the servant did not get stuck, Khidr did not reach. Hello my circuit. We found circuit names. Did you find the names? Are you sure? I say, write. I am writing. A minute. Nik Albesku. Nik Albesku. Fabio Okutan. Fabio Okutan. Send this everywhere. Yes, sir. Devrem, where did you find these names?

Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Wasn’t that guy making fake passports? We went to him, we compared the photos, the names are correct. Did you go to the man Doğan gave his name? Exactly. Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download What did you do? Doğan gave me a shoulder, thank you. He found real footage of the event. my circuit. May God grant everyone a friend like you. You did what was necessary while I was gone. Thanks. My turn goes to the front. This is how it is. Come on, it’s your turn. Thanks. See you at Uncle Tekin’s.

It happened as you said. Khidr has grown up, brother Ahmet. Good. If we found the names, now it’s time to find those bastards themselves. The men’s names are Nik Albesku Fabio Okutan. Hello Mary. We found the names, now I sent them to you. I got the message. Do you know these guys? We had a meeting with experts from Europe. I seem to remember the names from there. Look, we need all the information on these guys . Their address, their occupation, what they do. I will do my best. Time is short, remember.

Altai. Yes. Take care of yourself. You too. What’s this? Details of the operation suggested by Halit Bey . His plan is accordingly– If I’m the executor of the operation, I’ll set up the plan. You know. Of course I will know. I’m the boss here. Isn’t that right, soldier? Yes sir Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download . Beautiful. After 36 hours the missiles will be fired. You will know the boat waiting for you from one point in the Bosphorus . The boat is Panama flagged. The man driving the boat has no idea what we’re doing. It will take you to the operation point.

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Get rid of it before using the missiles. There will be a satellite phone on board. After firing missiles you will contact Greece. Our elements there will determine your position and will Your asylum claim will be immediately settled positively. The point where the attack with the Turkish missile will make the most noise. There will be a life market. The dying, the screams, the wails. The Aegean will catch on like that. The Turks will realize that they will never be able to avenge Troy.

Brother, it is unbreakable, hit my head, this torture is over. Is there a head left, Ferdi? The only evidence we have is the fingerprints of the assassin who came to kill Meryem . Al Sancak Episode 17 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download That doesn’t tell us much. His fingerprints revealed his past in the Lavrion camp and the hotel where he stayed for two days before the assassination. Is it a hotel? Uncle, if we go to this hotel, will nothing come out of it? It’s possible.

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