Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Evet Friends as you know we are here to describe Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download with its trailers. The 1st trailer starts with capton ali voice. You will not leave here alive Boran. The next scenes Nadiya told him you will die. Here we understand Boran and his team will be defeated by Ali and his team. Because they are well in action. Because they are special commando team. Claw team.

Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

This team only made for Octopos. And the main head of this Octopus is Alezabeth. She declered herself as Nadia’s mothers. Because of Golserin Turnali’s Diary. But Nadiya know everything therefore Boran trap here along Suleman. Suleman here as Rashid role. Now they are all trap. Meanwhile Capton Ali and his team arrive for their help. So here the start Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download so we can carry on.

In the next scene Boran told Ali I will play the last game Ali. Dont forget Im hunter . Ali replied to him, Im not told my last words. Nadiya told we came again. Capton Ali told his team we will explode the Bomb. . Mustafa told the bomb effect around in 18 Km. Capton ali replied if we will not ran we will die. Mustafa replied I understand, Capton. Commander Sajid talking to Saleem. this is Impossible. This is so harmfull and restricted. Complete Your target. Changiz Told as commander said will do. Team repleid We understand. Suleman told to Ali the getting Nadiya along them, Ali ask where.

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Now we will descirbe Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download. in the starting Ali told his team if we are going to die so we will die together, friends. Boran orders his army to follow Ali team. Someone told the Prisonor escape from jail. In the next Nadiya said Shaheen meanwhile ali shoot the Boran army. Nadiya told Ali. Ali replied are you surpreised Bird. This starting. Boran told his army there is no look backward. Boran told The time is over. We will escape or we will die. Alezabeth told to Boran you and your sons will be died. Boran replied, I will die you.

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Ali purpose to Nadiya I love you Nadiya replied I love you too. Boran told I won. This your end. Ali replied this is actually your last words. this is your end Boran. BUt the Ali team Explode the bomb along Boran and his team. Capton Asli told An Atom bomb were explode. Commander Sajid replied what are you saying. here the 2nd trailer of Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download end. we will meeet again in next episode.

. A vehicle entered from al-Rasd 2 to al-Maqruz. There is a man and a woman in it. Dagger, the tracking distance is out of our range, the rest is up to you. We came, did you drop the luggage? I will come after unloading. good What do you think about our offer? It is wonderful and appropriate. We can obtain contract documents. Wait for me. Of course Center, perhaps the people who come are for work. I will send their pictures. Admit them for a physical examination.

We’ll take care of it right away. I am waiting for you. What happened Ozai? Isn’t this a camera footage file? The warehouse where the fundamentalists were holding Omar, sir? Right Do we have any advice for Omar? no Do we have any reason to jam Omar’s head with such information? Our priority is to find ammunition. If you want to help Omar. Please stay on top of the process. Al Sancak Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Your order, sir Bless you in your work. Thanks Are you waiting for someone?

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