Al Sancak Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

We’re today here to describe Al Sancak Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles Free Download. We start with its Trailers. No we switch language to Romen english to better understand. Because here followers from Pakistan. So they can easily understand. This is last episode of series. Hope the next season will come soon. This 1st season was very advantures and actionfull. So we constrate on series trailers. so we can easily understand Episode 19. So let’s began.

Al Sancak Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

The 1st trailer start with Nadia’s words. My wish has been fulfilled baba. Nadia told this words to General Sajid. I am here in front of you, holding my head high. General Sajid replied, Sella. Nadiya once again told, Baba I have always dreamed of this moment. Capton Ali told Nadia, This is last game Nadia, but it’s a dangerous game. Alezabeth told his man Bring me the Gulserin, man replied I understand ma’m. Sella said I will kill Alezabet. Saleem order to his command We’re going, Changiz said for red Flag.

Capton Ali said, Turks always have the same word in their mouth. Someone ask, What’s that? Ali replied, This geography is the graveyard of states and armies. Man ask to Ali who are you? Ali replied I’m you death warrent. and then Ali kill all peoples. Nadia Said everyone dies in time. Nadia hold pistol on Alzabeth, she said Nadia. Ali saying to Nadia, Come back to me before this rose withers. and the 1st trailer end. So are going to next trailer.

In the 2nd trailer of Al Sancak Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles Free Download Nadia told this is last dance of Nadia. Caption Ali said to his teammates, today, we will not only fight here, friends Rather, we will destroy these enimies , which will mean future of our coutry and maybe we’ll prevent a major war in the future. Nadia saw her mom, and said, ,Mom. General Sajid order Ali take your chocolate and flowers and ask me for my daughter’s hand. Capton Ali said, as your order my sir.

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Next scense of trailer Capton Saleem ask to Capton Asli, will you marry me? In same time Changiz also purpose to Elul, Elul saId I can’t bear to tell fortunes. Changiz said you can accept wherever you want. Capton Ali ask to Nadia will you dance with me. She replied, Everything is there for you. In 3rd trailer Nadia fire to Alezabeth she told call me dokctor, replied this is you medicine and Nadia kill her.

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