Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles free

What did he say? Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles free Wait a minute, I’m putting it on speaker. Let your aunt sheriff hear it too. Get. Good evening, aunt sheriff , don’t worry. Be comfortable, be safe. Right now, Azam, my captain, he’s cracking up on a very dangerous operation.

You relax. It says dangerous! Oh, something happened to this boy. God bless. No, not in that sense when I say dangerous. He was going to interrogate a dangerous criminal today. Probably, when I questioned him, I said that’s why it was the case so that his concentration would not be disturbed, so he probably closed it technically. Boy, what a loose-mouthed kid you are.

Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles free

You have described the whole operation of the police in every detail. Christ no. OK, turn it off, turn it off, okay, do n’t linger on your duty, turn it off! Gee. We ate brushes for no reason. Let Azam get what he gets. He’s going on a very dangerous operation and he won’t let me know. My God, give me patience, my Lord.

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“The person you are calling cannot answer the phone at the moment.” Come on… His phone is really off. Wisdom. – What’s wrong? Would you go and have a look? He says it’s dangerous. Is this what you’re talking about now?

Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles free

Let the kid do his job! Aunt Şerife, let’s pray, look, you’ll see, by God’s permission, nothing will happen to Azam. Well done Melike my daughter, so put your trust in Allah a little. He ate my head, that’s enough! My God, bring me back to my child! No no bro, nothing important.

That’s why Azam is out of battery. I was wondering too, so maybe you’re there, so I called. Okay okay, come on, say hi to the family, thank you, see you soon. Hayda… Ya Yüksel, this wouldn’t have disappeared without telling us. What happened? You said he went on a top-secret operation. Could the operation have taken a long time?


Oh my god he still says surgery. Let me get my money. Contemporary, a large money transfer will be made soon. Get ready, wait for news from us. How you order. I will wait for news. Is there anything you want to tell us? I would appreciate it if you would convey my regards to the building council. No, Yuksel, collect your trust here.

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