Alparslan Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles free

Nothing about you bothers me. Alparslan Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles free Don’t be afraid. Everything will be great. – Here’s your cappuccino. – Thank you. Enjoy. This is our coffee. Dibek. It’s ground by hand. I mean, it’s a lot of worků ůbut drink it and see if you’ll ever drink that chocolate coffee stuff again. Thank you. Fusun loves it too. Atakan’s sister.

They were always in Istanbulů ůbut they would visit her aunt’s son from summer to summer. There was Mihran, myself and Atakan. Mihran is the one who is fond of Dibek coffee. I brought it for him too. Do you have his number? Why don’t they want to see you? It’s an old story. I don’t have his number, unfortunately. Giving me the number is up to you. But I think you have a conscience. You understand the situation.

Alparslan Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles free

You lifted a stranger’s car in the morning. You gave Leylim butter cookies. I have a problem too. I’ll see him and leave. I have no intention of harassing anyone. Altan! I’ve mopped this place. No one is allowed in here for five minutes. God rest his soul. Mom? Mom? How old was he? Brother Setrak? Same age as my sister. – He was old then! – Girl! He was old. He is not gone early. That’s what I’m saying. God, take my life too. Take me now, from here! Amen! Amen aunt. Amen sister.

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Kiymet. Winter comes to the mountains and trouble comes to people. This doesn’t look good. What’s she going to do? She’s all alone. She has no support, no one. She ruined me. – And she’ll ruin the engagement. No, I’ll pass. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Mihran. Whatever you do, get rid of the jinx. We’ll do that. Fusun can go and talk. What am I supposed to talk about? Girl! No. We’ll pray and all. It won’t be enough. Sacrifice. What sacrifice? A ram.

Alparslan Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles free

What are you going to do, eat it? She’s right. It’s customary. You must send a ram to the girl’s house. Sister, it’s an engagement. It’s not a wedding. Kiymet. She just showed up. Yes, sister? She just showed up! Yes, sister. Either we take precautionsů ůor that Selma will leave no room for a wedding! Sister, let me help you. Come here, sister. Girl, no, please don’t bother. Why would you get up? Rest, sit down! Okay, sister, what are we going to do? A ram. Yes, a ram. A ram.

Girl! Where did the ram come from? Where are you getting it from? What else? A ram for the engagement? – There are rams everywhere! – Shut up, don’t answer me. Brother, how much for two? – 10 liras. – 10 liras? What do you put in simit in Istanbul? Okay. – Good? – Yes, thank you. Thank you. Enjoy. Hey, girl! I got us simit. – Fresh and crispy simit! –

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Now. Pull it from here! Good girl! And this isů Leylim. Istanbul is very expensive. We’ll spend the money wisely, okay? What about you? I’m not hungry now. Alparslan Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles free I’ll keep it in the bag. Did you find him? Mihran? Let’s go without him. I’m sending it to your business address right away. Is there anything else I can help with? Thank you, good day. What blocked it? A cloth. Oh, well. I couldn’t remove it yesterday. Alright. Do you have a date today? Tell me, who is this young man?

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