Ates Kuslari Episode 13 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

They were stunned when they saw the suburban man, not me. Girl, are you crazy! – Oh, don’t bother with us, Berk. Now, Ms. Hatice, you just witnessed an inconvenient event. I won’t say anything to anyone, I’m Akif Bey. I know you wouldn’t say so, after all, it’s a sinister situation. Suzan, you know my partner’s wife, so both Kenan and my wife do not welcome this situation.

Ates Kuslari Episode 13 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

Also, Ms. Hatice, what were you doing in cleaning the summer house in winter? Ms. Nebahat asked, I guess she didn’t know you were at home. If only she knew, Hatice lady. Let there be repentance! How much do you get from us, so I don’t get involved in the household economy. Nebahat knows how much salary does that work? Two thousand five hundred per month. – What! Two thousand b- Oh Allah, the exploitation of these rich wives, but I mean, Hatice lady is few!

Two thousand five hundred is too little, too little! Okay, let’s do it this way, then you come to our company at a convenient time, don’t be too late, how much is your ten-year salary, three hundred thousand liras, come on, one hundred thousand was lost from my heart Come on, one hundred thousand was torn from my heart, four hundred thousand liras, I presented it to you in cash Let’s cut off all business relations with you from now on. Do you have an agreement?

Mr. Akif, I can’t get the money I earn without working, I promised Ms. Suzan, don’t worry. I won’t say anything to anyone! By Allah, Hatice, my dear, I do not believe or trust people, they say, I will not say, they say, I will not do it, people do it. That’s why we’ll tie our donkey to a solid stake, and let me present you this money, don’t ever Do we have a deal, Ms. Hatice?

Oh be oh okay I’m relieved! Let me be a victim of the power of money, I swear there is no door that he cannot open, there is no door that he cannot open, son, turn up the music a little bit, I swear my joy is back. I have a meeting that we will cross after I drop Hatice lady off. – Yes, sir. What happened to Fikret? Fikret, are you okay? My son! Help me. Breathe once more.

Once again. Ok. – What’s wrong, doctor lady? There is nothing bad in their cold lungs, but you can’t tell, the picture changes in a day in children. You get a chest X-ray and let’s talk. What if it’s very crowded there now, doctor lady, if you didn’t let us into that hell crowd. Does it have to be today, let’s do it tomorrow. – Yes, but I’ll definitely see the movie. It ‘s okay, his mother will bring it.

Come on girl come on! It hurts me when I see people from these hospitals, I get sighed! Thank you, doctor, thank you . Did you talk to Hatice? I talked, I talked, I got it done. – So you just talked? No, no, we just didn’t talk. I killed some of them and buried them in the forest, don’t talk nonsense I’m in the company. Man, what are you doing on these sites as a worker? Do these girls look at you? Why do you say that, son, every lame seller has a blind buyer.

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Hit, hit Veli brother, you hit too, your salt is dry, of course my aunt Hatice cooks delicious meals for you, you My son Şengül, your sister found you too, you didn’t like the girls. The girls my sister finds are always from my hometown, Veli brother, I want a girl from Istanbul. Of course, the friend found a girl, but she’s looking for her Istanbulite . So funny. Hello yes it’s me… Accident? What accident?

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