Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free

With the contribution of… Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free Ankara, September 1, 1977 6.20 am – Please, Yılmaz! Hurry! – Almost there, Neriman. C’mon, hurry! – What’s wrong? Why did you stop? – The light is red, Neriman! – Why didn’t you say so! – Should I stop, or go, tell me? – Are you crazy? Step on it! – OK, Neriman. OK OK, almost there.

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Hang on! You said it’s 10 days till your due date, right? Yes. But the baby hasn’t moved since yesterday. – So what do you say? – Nothing to worry about. The heartbeat’s quite normal. Let’s wait till you go into labour. – Don’t worry. Everything’s on track. – Thank you. Take care now. – Quick! – Hang on, Neriman! Hang on! – Why isn’t it moving? – C’mon now, İnci. Look, we can come back tonight if anything happens.

Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free

C’mon, please! Hang on, Neriman! Nearly there! – What’s up, Neriman? – Look out, YıImaz! My water broke, Ömer! Smile! Smile! OK, Neriman. I can send you a copy if you like. That would be great. LOVE “JUST A COINCIDENCE” Hello, honey? I’m OK. On my way to the audition. How about you? I have a few things to finish, then I’ll be on my way.

Come along around 8 pm. I’ll be there as soon as I’m done. It’s the restaurant on the right on the way to Sarıyer, right? Right. Onur will pick you up anyway. No need, sweetie. I know the place. OK, wish me luck. Don’t worry, darling. It’ll be great. Love you. Bye. Me too. – OK, get yourself ready then. – Shit! Don’t you dare tidy up, mum. You already have, haven’t you? OK, mum, you angel. Bye. Centrum Productions. Yes. Till 7 pm.

Didn’t your agency give the address? – I’m here for the film audition. – Here you are. Sorry to keep you waiting, but… No, no problem. You’ll have the cover photo tomorrow. And Özgür will set aside all day tomorrow… And here he is! Welcome. How’s it going? – Good. Forgive me for being late – Hello. Ayşe. Good to see you. – I’ve been dying to meet you. – Great. Why don’t you start right away? And I’ll go pick up your mother. Thanks, Onur. This way. Hello, welcome. Can you introduce yourself please? My name’s Deniz Usman. I was born in Ankara on September 1,1977. I was born in Ankara on September 1,1977. I lived there till 2002. At 14, I started acting and drama classes… …at the Ankara Arts Theatre.

After moving to Istanbul, I started working for a magazine. Then when I got my own studio I turned to more individual work. I’m 168 cm. and weigh around 58 kg, I think. You’ve had a lot of success internationally. But you also shoot magazine covers, you do more commercial stuff. Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free – Which is you? – Both, actually. If I’m able to connect with my subject… …then any kind of work is rewarding. Do you speak French? Yes. I haven’t for a long time, but I can try. But no, I don’t need an actress who speaks perfect French. I need someone who speaks French with a Turkish accent. Otherwise I would find a French actress. That’s why I’m here. OK. There are many photographers… …taking all kinds of different photos. But your work stands out on its own. What’s your secret? What makes you different? I can’t actually say I have a secret. I think where I’m lucky is that my father was a photographer.

Here she is! Mum, I’ll say it one last time: don’t talk about work! OK, son! You’ve said it 50 times! – Good evening, hello. – Welcome, dear. Sorry I’m a bit late. How do you do? – My dad, Sadık. My mum, Gülşen. – Great to meet you. Hello. OK, let’s sit down. – Honey, you wouldn’t believe what happened – Wait, darling. You can tell me later. Excuse me! Oh, my boy! – It’s wonderful. – Welcome. Thanks. Neriman Teyze? Would you allow me the honour of escorting you around the exhibition? – All right. Go on then. – I’ll be along in a bit. How long will you be staying in Istanbul? We’re heading back tomorrow. Work won’t wait, as you know. – Right. Dad, wine? – Talking of work… …when Burak said you’re an actress it rather put us off to be honest. Really? Why? Don’t misunderstand,

Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free

we’re open-minded… Mum, can I have your glass please? Don’t drink too much, son. You’re driving. Don’t worry about me. I have the most gorgeous driver. Are all actors’ lives chaotic? No. But they’re up and down to be honest. – Well, it’s not good for family life. – Shall we order? Shall we order our fish, mum? – Want to look at the menu, dad? – But luckily you seem to be sensible. Mum, we weren’t going to discuss this. Son, you won’t let me say a word! Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free OK, I’ll shut up. Let’s drink to the new store in Moscow. You made the right decision, dear. – About what? – Why is no one looking after us? – About acting. – Excuse me! Sorry. – Can we have the menu please? – Well, you’re right to give up acting. Thank you. Dad, what are you having? If it isn’t farmed, I’ll have the sea bass.

– Mum, you? – Striped red mullet. Deniz, what will you have? To be honest, I don’t see why you think that. – But it’s the season for mullet, dear! – No. I mean about me and acting. Just today I went for a big audition. There’s a good chance it’ll work out. And if it does, we’ll be shooting mostly in France. As it happens, I have no intention of giving up acting. Sorry, I have to get this call. For a meet-the-parents dinner, it doesn’t get better, Zeynep. But there’s this crazy thing going on. I’m about to lose it. They think I am going to give up acting. How do I know? Sure, it’s a subject to be discussed with Burak. She said “We were rather put off to hear you’re an actress to be honest. It’s no profession for a woman who’s starting a family to be honest. We have our own views to be honest. Well done for giving up to be honest. ” As you can see, Zeynep, I’m in deep shit to be honest. Umm, I’ll call you back later, OK?

– Should I send flowers or what? – What’s done is done. – Why did you lie to them? – Move over to the right, Deniz. We have to take a turn ahead. – Why did you say I’ll give up acting? – Well, what was I supposed to do? They’ve been nagging me for years. Why do you think they haven’t met you till now? Burak decided on my behalf and went and persuaded his parents. So these things happen, right, Burak? If you would have told me, couldn’t we have persuaded them together? Persuaded them of what, Deniz? Their attitude is obvious. – How are you going to persuade them? – This is my career, Burak! OK? And I don’t plan to give it up. – Use the mirrors, will you! – I am using the mirrors! – Sure! – Don’t change the subject! Call that using the mirrors, huh? OK, so you lied.

Then what? As I won’t be opening a store anywhere, what are you planning to do? – What’s wrong with opening one? – What? – What do you mean “what”? Why not? – You have to be joking. – No. – You don’t know what you’re saying. You don’t know what you’re doing! Today it’s the French film, tomorrow… – It could be the chance of my… – It’s always the chance of your life! Everything’s the chance of your life! Whatever kind of life that is. Whatever theatre doesn’t do for you. Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free – You’re doing it again. – What? Whenever an opportunity comes up you try to get in the way. What are you talking about? Give me a break, for God’s sake! No, the pay’s bad. No, it’s out of town. No, it’s this. So it’s my fault you’re a failure, huh? I’ve prevent you from getting an Oscar. – You think I’m a failure? – Just take a look at yourself, Deniz. Just take a look at yourself, Deniz. If it’s not the chance of your life, it’s a French film. Wake up, Deniz! What are you doing,

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Deniz? Where are you going? Deniz, come here! What is the problem for God’s sake? Now I’ll go, “One, two, three!” and a bird will fly out of here. But you have to smile. Here we go. One, two, three! – Excuse me, whose exhibition is this? – I think he’s over there. Ates Kuslari Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles free Welcome to you all. These photographs here were taken… …by a studio artist, a professional. – I’m hanging up, Burak. – Deniz. They’re some of the many he took during a career of more than 40 years. In fact, they’re the few that have survived of thousands. – Burak, what is it? – I’ve parked in the worst spot. Shit will fly any second. Can you please come out? I can see you. OK, I’m coming. Foto Turgut was a tiny studio in the Gazi district of Ankara. And Yılmaz Turgut… …took photos there every day for more than 40 years. Ten people a day used to come to the studio. That makes 70 people a week.

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