Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

What are they saying dad? Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download . They say life-threatening, Dad. What are they trying to say, Dad? Do not be afraid, my son, nothing will happen. Your mother will get better, she will get better. Wow, wow, your cook has spilled it, partner.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 with Urdu & English Subtitles Free Download

You serve. It’s Suzan’s ingenuity, not our cook. By Allah, you are a lucky man, what can I say, your wife is very talented. Oh, love, isn’t that me, Akif? My dear, of course you are also a handful, but here I am, so that maybe they will give you a little more… Is n’t it a pity, they are so small.

My dear, what are we going to do with your unnecessary sentimentality, they are raising them so that we can eat them, my dear. Melisa has become a vegetarian and she doesn’t eat meat anymore . – Do not exaggerate. Melisa, I do not agree with them at all, you are a very sensitive and sensitive girl. You know, I also want to stop eating meat, but I can’t manage it.

I think don’t be too hard on yourself Suzan, you don’t have such willpower, you can’t stand it for two days. Should we turn off the TV, now Kenan, we would chat with our guests, we do, I’m waiting for a news, Suzan, we will turn it off after it is broadcast. I hope nothing is wrong.

No no. What is going on, Akif, or did they slander you about corruption, bribery or something, my dear? My Nebahat, the middle brake, do you want to press it once in a while ? How do you talk in front of children? – What’s happening? Either my driver had an accident with one of our company cars and he will be heard, hah.

Dear viewers, now there is news of an accident from Istanbul. In the accident that took place near Polonezköy, the driver of the vehicle belonging to Akif Atakul, one of the partners of Ataman Holding, Fikret Küçük and the driver of the other vehicle, Necati Aydın, lost their lives. – This is our Fikret! Akif, when did this happen?

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Great, can you turn that up? Hatice Eren, who was in the vehicle, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Hatice Eren’s life-threatening continues. Oh my God, Ms. Hatice! I sent Hatice to the summer house to clean it. Oh my god, did it happen on the way there?

I suppose. What was Fikret’s brother doing there? My son, I sent Fikret to get a document, but I guess they met on the way, I don’t know. It’s an accident, destiny, what are you going to do? – I wish I hadn’t sent him!

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