Dagh e Dil Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

No, you misunderstood. Dagh e Dil Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles Free Download I can find a place for myself. I’ll take my own glass and my friend’s glass so I can find a place. No, don’t be disturbed please. No dear, what ailment? It would be an inconvenience for me to have two ladies standing like this. You come in please, I’ll go there. Oh God, let’s do this. So… Let’s sit together until a table is free , shall we? Please. OK, come on then. Come on.

Dagh e Dil Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

emotional music emotional music continues unintelligible speech You stay calm, calm down. Ok auntie, I will explain. Kemal What the hell is laying mines in the middle of the house? Let me just pass them , look at my hand, see what I’m doing. If you remember, Ali sent one down and the other one by the commissioner. We need to catch the person who sent those bastards. We’ll catch him too, father Yusuf. We will catch him too. We will catch it. Come on. You stole the hearts of children again today. This theater worked very well for them. Like that.

I really want to introduce them to art music. I know, not all may like it , but let’s try to protect our essence, shall we? Don’t you like music? Sorry, Dagh e Dil Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles Free Download I love art music , it’s my red line so I intervened. Please excuse me. It does not matter. phone rings I’ll be right back. Ok darling. Here you go. Take it, please. Thank you. You are probably an artist. You are dealing with art. No. Why did you ask? You mentioned theater or something, that’s why I asked about Turkish art music. You seem to have been our guests. Guest? Eavesdropper.

He. They listen through the door or something, it happens in TV series. When the distance is close, it is not possible to prevent the nice words coming from. When the words of Turkish classical music passed a little , I wanted to taste them from time to time, those words. But don’t get me wrong, I had no intention of listening to your conversation. Let’s say art is my special interest. I’m here on behalf of the foundation I work for, I ‘ll be back tomorrow. Hm, you are an instructor. How? With the kids or something? From elementary school to college, I have work for all ages. Great very good.

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No lie, I’m tired. We are not young anymore. But two days ago a babysitter started, I think we can relax a bit. Aa, is it? Aunt Sevgi… …I was going to talk to you about this too. Now Çınar’s Heh, is my daughter asleep? Yes, I fed and slept. You go with Şirin. See Çınar sleeping, she’s so cute. Yeah? Ok. emotional music You stay here. Lieutenant, let’s stay, why did we come? Is it the security guard thing again? Thick brother, stay thick. God, we will give an account. When the manager says let him go, he goes after him out of spite.

Where do you work? It’s okay, right? I asked though. No it’s not problem. He is in a foundation that has been operating in Turkey for a long time . Hartman Foundation. Dagh e Dil Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles Free Download The Hartman Foundation? I’ve heard of this foundation. what about you? I… I’m into gardening. Like floristry or something? No, more fruits and vegetables. Fabricated or organic? It is considered organic. Are you from here? I am from Istanbul, I live in Istanbul, I came for business. Well, it’s nice. Then let me invite you to an event at the foundation one day. The main artists are there, maybe you’ll like it. I will gladly come.

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