Dagh e Dil Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

There is no such thing as sleeping soundly like a baby. Dagh e Dil Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Download -I mean, babies wake up at night. [thriller ends] -Come on. -Like that. Gee. We are informed. Information. -Brother, it’s okay, it’s ringing. -Does it ring? Go on, go, go, go. [tension music] [clears throat] Selamunaleykum. Aleykumselam Halit, no? Hee, not really. I have a problem. I have to go back to Istanbul. What? What do you mean I have to go back to Istanbul?

Dagh e Dil Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

E, what will you give us, Halit? No problem, no problem. I have a friend here, a very old, trusted friend. I told him everything. I will give his relics to him. And he’ll show you how to use it, okay? Are you sure Khalid? Look, the Habtor doesn’t like that kind of thing. You know. Well, trust me, trust me. No problem. Hey, if you do n’t want it, I’ll come in a week. Not in a week, Halit. We need to get these right away. E, okay then, heh, good. Then I will give your phone to the friend. He’ll call you too, okay? Okay, give it to me, he has to meet me in the morning.

Okay, good, don’t worry, they’ll meet. I’m not worried, Halit, you should.the thriller ends] Ali, I think you’re going to transfer the money for these guns . I think so. -It will be like this. [Thriller music] I got this far back from the stadium using our face and license plate recognition system one by one . The men must be off this street. They must have stayed in one of these one-story houses. Very good. Unbelievable. -Pardon. -It does not matter. Congratulations, Elif. Finding this has made our job so much easier. -Elif, send me a message to this address. -Immediately. Ok. Father Yusuf, let’s go. -Immediately.

I’ll sell a gun or two, find out where the Habtor is, and come back. Come on, let’s see. Ali, hide your ear well. Damn boy, I almost got it into my brain already, okay. I’m telling you bro, be careful.tension music] They’re here. They came, they came. They came. Selamun aleykum. Aleykum salam. Are you Ahmed? Just me. Put the bag down. Is there a gun on it? Lift your arms. Remove, remove.detector sound]detector sound gets stronger]ringing sound] Ah! Aa, my ear is gone, my ear is gone!thriller soundtrack] Computer here, flash drives?

Ahead. What’s going on? Brother, they broke the tracking device, audio, video, everything is gone. Yes, yes, that’s what I said. My lion, keep your distance well. Dagh e Dil Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Download Obviously these guys look prepared. -Don’t let them notice us. All right, sir. Well, if they’re going to the Habtor, it’s normal. Where else will they go?Cem] Ephraim Zilal. There is no organization that he did not enter or leave. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, where is the money, Ephraim is there. God help us. OMG. Let’s go, let’s move on, come on. Give me the gun. Take out your phone.

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Turn it off, turn it off. I will keep the phone. You’ll get it at the end of the job, okay? Come on, late.tension music ends] -Selamunaleykum. [Thriller music] And aleyk├╝m salam. The doctor was going to his car. Lets go.Lightning] They’re leaving. Let’s move on, slowly. Follow slowly.thriller continues]thriller continues]thriller ends] Dagh e Dil Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles Free Download Are you sure it will pass through here? Yes, this road is one way. There is only one route from the woman’s house to the hospital .Thriller music]Thriller music continues]Thriller effect]Phone rings] -Hello? -He’s coming. It will pass you by soon. A red hatchback.

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