Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle Free

Brother. Please let me do the service. Thank you Bahadir. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1 I would also make the coffee. You just bothered. Roasting and cooking menengiç does not bother me, on the contrary, it gives me great pleasure, Bahadır. Look at that scent. The taste that will come soon is good news. You are right bro. You order, sit down.

Your guest is already waiting. I’ll bring your coffees. Thank you Bahadir. Sorry Muhsin. I made you wait a bit. I had little work at the counter. Estagfurullah Emin Bey. Your coffees, man. Don’t be missing, don’t be missing. Thank you Bahadir Bey. Have you ever had menengiç coffee in your life, Muhsin? I drank once years ago, man. not enough. At least one cup every day. Menengiç is a panacea.

My late grandmother said it strengthens the memory. Even at the age of 92, he used to go to the Çanakkale front from our village and count the names of 27 sons of the country who were martyred there. Let the soil of Cemil’s sentence be plentiful, brother. -Amin Muhsin, amen. -Amine. In short, I would say that I recommend you to drink at least one cup every day.

Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1

Because I heard that you have been having memory problems lately. What do you mean memory problem bro? Our Burhan Now that’s what happened, man. Two or three months ago , when the exchange rate skyrocketed, when the rental fees were at the exchange rate, it worked a little bit… As a matter of fact, I guessed Muhsin. It’s a shame to say, Yaver did some research on you. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1 Thankfully, jackal and chukling were not mentioned in his commercial history . Thank you, man. So we’ve never had anything like that.

That’s why I talked to Burhan. I said, “Burhan… …commercial people should support each other in times of crisis, not a hindrance.” He also listens to my words. He said let’s do this bro. Let’s spread our brother’s debt to maturity. Let’s fix the rental fee at a reasonable rate. What do you think he said? You’re the man, Burhan said. This is your case, Muhsin. God bless you bro. Rest assured, Emin brother, I will never fail again. I’m already sure, Muhsin. Be sure of your debt. Debt is honor. Honor brother. Thank you so much.

-It’s late. I’ll get up. – Menengiç. Menengic brother. Well done bro, it’s very nice. I’m Yaver. Leave Muhsin Bey where you bought him and come. Thank you so much. Yaver Bey, it will be a hassle for you too. -Thank you so much. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1-God bless you. Thanks. Thank you. -It is Bahadir. -Yes brother. Look, you can’t drink menengich like that. You will smell the menengici first.

Then… …it will go around your palate. He will be aware of where he is. He will make a complaint. Then you’ll have a bite, a sip of a drink. There is a philosophy of drinking Menengiç. You are right, Emin. Which of you is the Seven Eminem? You have two guesses, my dear. Osman Bey wants to see you. Is there no Tahir, Tahir? Tahir brother had a job. I came to inform you. Let me finish my coffee, we’ll come. We will find out what Osman Bey’s problem is. You’re out of coffee. Come on. Guys, I’m going to say something. You just entered without a greeting as if you were out of torn frosting.

I guess I was a little rude to you too. Let’s make a menengiç, sweeten? He doesn’t. Lets go. But don’t say that. Menengiç is a panacea. Brother menengic My nerves are upside down Bahadır. Let me have one too. I still can’t get over the moon, Meltem. It was that bad.

If I didn’t wake up, my heart would have stopped. Go to prison, see Mert. You relax a little. I will go, of course, I will go. won’t I go? It is so difficult. Derya, I’m going to ask you something, but don’t be angry. When will you tell Mert the truth? Where did this come from now? Can you close this issue please? It is also Mert’s right to know the truth about his father.

Yes, but I have my own reasons. Deryacı, I am not looking for right or wrong. Ya, the child grows up with lies. Look, if he finds out the truth about his father tomorrow, he ‘ll never forgive you. It’s much better Meltem to be consoled with lies instead of knowing the truth and being upset. Be sure. Why are you so angry about this Derya? Maybe if the man knew he had a child, he would have adopted it.

Can you close this issue now? Okay, pass them all, at least think about yourself. Your own son thinks you are his sister, Derya. You have been longing for the word mother for years. Why do you keep reminding me of this? Don’t I know? Doesn’t my heart burn every time you call me big sister? old man! Junkman! The news you heard yesterday was true, Yaver. Arap Kemal survived, but his three men were killed. The waters warmed up. It even boils. Dude, don’t get me wrong.

Every drop of my blood is sacrificed for you. But the trouble is big. I wonder if you would take a couple more men with you? A 100-point question for you, Aide. Who is afraid of the man who cannot protect himself? Who is afraid to pay their check and bill on time? Let me look at me. In addition to these poison merchants, we are considered as tradesmen in Samanpazarı.

Don’t worry, they won’t even take us for a castle. You know best, my brother, but the lion also kills the cheetah cub if it catches it. Why? Is it because he’s afraid of the tiny constant? no. That he’ll be a rival when he grows up. I’m sick of philosophy. I’ve always appreciated it, you know. But you’re getting too attached to them. We go our separate ways every day. That’s enough precaution.

I love your eyes. The late President Kennedy… So brother? … he took his precautions every day. Get the newspaper. What happened? What happened bro? The minute has come, herifçioğlu is gone. Don’t do too much. We’re just waiting for our moment. You are right, brother. Hop, down. Halal Resat bro.

Thank you, thank you. Take it easy, good luck. Hello. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1 Emin is heading that way in a black jeep. Brother stop. Bloodless! Call an ambulance. I need an ambulance. My fault. Brother. Brother, we have to go. My fault. Brother, we have to go, brother. Brother, let me love your eyes, come on. Come on bro.

Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Episode 1 Come on. Brother. Come on. Late. It’s late bro. That Metris takes a long time in front of me. I only loved you, the rest is a lie. Your longing is your longing, I loved you only, the rest is a lie The rest is a lie Merdo. merdo Boy, my name is already short. You put it on top of it as Merdo. bye son?

You were on Volt. Why did you come back so early? We’re rebuilding the team, son. Get up, get up, like in the old days. Dad, we got permission from the head guard. He said, “Get the team together,” he said. I don’t want any objections, man. This time to the tea brand. We won’t be slack, I promise.

Oh, it is not enough that we will be eaten, and then we will also have our tea. No, my son. Look at me guys, this time the Metin Ali Feyyaz account with short passes, click, click, click, click, click, click. We will go to the end huh. Okay? You don’t believe what you said, this last one either. -Anyways. -No, my son. Don’t black out now. Look at me, this time we will build a wall in front of the castle, guys. Wall, wall, wall. We are not normal, we are from Beşiktaş. Damn boy, we’re all walls anyway. Wake up now.

Come on come on come on. Lay lay lay lay lay lay lay Leave, leave, leave, leave. Gentlemen. Visitors arriving. Samet Cinar. Born Light. Mert Yilmaz. Jesus Ozdemir. Anyway, pray to the guard. Okay? Come on, come on, come on guys. -Damn. -Jesus, walk, son. -Meerkat. -Walk, son. -You saved well. -They took it from me.

Well, it’s shattered huh. I don’t know son? Now I said, ‘Don’t let my meerkat brother get into trouble. There is you. -Come on, come on, walk. -Come on. Walk. -Come on. -Come on. -Come on. -Come on. Mert. My older sister. Sorry, we played ball and I sweated. I thought I’d dry quickly, but I’m a little late again. How are you? Every time I go through that door, promising myself that I won’t cry this time, but here it is.

-I’m fine. Look, I’m not saying this as a joke. I’m really fine. I know. I know. No bite I eat without you passes my throat. Always a knot. I don’t know what you are eating or drinking. My older sister. Also think on the good side. When I get out, I won’t even squint at the hoodie anymore. either. So for a while. I don’t want to be too specific though. Really? my sister. I haven’t seen anyone who smiles as genuinely as you do in this life. Mert.

I wish everything could be okay with laughter. Oh, anyway, don’t mind me. I come every time, I’m bored of you too, right? But I don’t think you deserve all this, Mert. Don’t think, sister. Thinking. Look, one thing I learned here is to say “There is a no for every evil”. If you only knew who is inside. I am still grateful for myself. I mean, that’s it, but here it is.

Do you have any money? I left some money to the attendant at the entrance. If you need it, can you take it from there? Look, there was also a rectangular wallet hanging around the neck like this. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi -My older sister. -Look, tell me if you need it. They sell it in Eminönü. Let me get it, I’ll bring it to you. Oh sister, I’m not a child. What are you worrying about yourself?

Forget me now. How are you, you? How’s the hospital going? How is sister Meltem? Does he go crazy again on the night shifts? The hospital, as you know. The principal decided to lighten the colors of the wall. The old one was suffocating people. He will soon realize that the problem is not in the color. Meltem is also good. Many greetings to you… My dear son.

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I can’t stand your absence anymore. The meeting is over, that’s it. Our people have a lot of greetings to you too. Not long now. Let me go out, I will hug you for hours. Come on, Yaver. Time is ok. Brother. Do you think again?

I thought a lot, my lion. This life is not life. Go back to your hometown. Open a new page. Marry. Get involved with children. Live like a human. Read the car. Count on your retirement bonus. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi Get your right too. Actually, you are right, brother. What right do I have over you? Don’t say that. You just didn’t take my pity on me. But good luck to me. My brother. If you don’t get it wrong. Soz Episode 62 With Urdu Subtitles


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