Ibn e Sina Episode 5 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Good, good girl. – take it back.tension music continues] Okay, stop. Flow now. Stop, okay, stop. Stop I was in charge of you for 15 days while you were sleeping in the hospital. Yeah. -Esra. -What Can’t you? We do. Ok. Okay then. Elif, you save us time. Cem, you get ready too, you’re coming with us. – There the land is empty, they notice us immediately.

Ibn e Sina Episode 5 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

You have a nice way. Thanks. Thriller music continues Thriller music continues Brother, we’re here, we’re at the door. Where are you? They are there. So hot. This is Antep, commissioner, it is famous for its heat. Also, its kebabs are very famous. Really? Take it Omer, take it. I will feed you kebab. Thriller music rises Thriller music ends Lieutenant, the person is staying in that house. We have the file. The man has been clean for a long time. It didn’t interfere with anything.

He even comes and gives us information from time to time. This time he’s confused. Thriller music Something big. Come on. tension music rises Who are you? Cargo. male I don’t have anything for cargo. You came wrong. Open the door, open it, police . Look at me, don’t try to run away from the brand behind, we came in a crowd. In a place where holes are not drilled out of nowhere. Hungry . I love smart guys. Walk. Well done. We found it pleasant, we found it pleasant, we found it pleasant. thriller ends Tell us what you’re hiding, do n’t bother us.

No, I swear sister , I’m not hiding anything. Oh really? Your eyes don’t say so, but it’s a whirlwind. What’s inside? What are they? What are you looking at? What are they? Answer . Medicine. Oh really? Look, you. Look at me, talk like a man. tension music Do n’t bother me . You are already my brother’s age, you say sister . You stay in my hand . What are these drugs for, where will they go? You stacked parcels of parcels inside. I really don’t know what happened.

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They tell me the pill list and for whom to take it, so I collect it. Then they come and get it from me. Omer, let’s see what these drugs do. Thriller music continues]Thriller music continues] Come on bro. -Ahmet, you wait a minute. [tension music ends] Take him to dressing right away, come on!thriller music] What shall we do with the doctor? Take it inside, lock it in a room. Ok. What will happen to Ahmet? Give him a place to stay. After all, he saved us from the ambush.

But keep an eye on it. After meeting Ivan, we’ll send him too. Ok. Brother Ahmet, help us carry this woman inside. I can’t carry it alone, my back hurts, come on. Give me the bag too.tension music rises]closing music] -Okay, we’re already waiting. We are ready, come on. Keep the phone on. Ok.tension music continues] Ahead, approaching, following.Thriller effect]Thriller music continues]Thriller music goes up] Stop! -Move! -Stop, stop! Stop the car. Trapped, let them take it. Get it, get it, get it now! Quickly!

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