Ibn E Sina Episode 7 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

What medicine? Ibn E Sina Episode 7 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Elif Leukemia. Elif It was used for children. According to Ömer , it could be a child who needs surgery. That’s why they kidnapped the doctor. But of course, instead of a doctor right now, they have a commissioner. Elif Exactly. Ok. You contact Ömer. If the commissioner receives any information about the lady, she will pass it on to you. Just do not share the information here with anyone, do not tell anyone.

Ibn E Sina Episode 7 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Elif It’s okay. Thank you Elif, see you soon. tension music continues Computer guy, we still can’t follow Türkoğlu, can we? No bro. Well, can’t we find it with UAV, SİHA, with them? Have a try. Brother, the field is very wide. So, we can get images with the drone, but it takes time to find out where they are. Oh, it’s up to God. Like that. Then let’s go back to the hotel, make a proper plan. That won’t happen. Habtor How is his condition? He’s been sleeping since he left. I brought a doctor for our daughter. Doctor? From where? From Turkey. Now he will take care of our daughter. He will tell us what to do.

The doctor’s area of ​​expertise is about our daughter’s illness. knocking on the door Canan Open the door . thriller soundtrack I’m telling you it’s on . Is there anyone? Get me out of here . Is there anyone? Open . Get me out of here. Good morning, commissioner. How did you manage to come here? Get me out of here . Get me out . Do not scream . Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? tension music continues Calm. Do not. Why did you kidnap me? You forced the doctor to take care of your daughter. If you want him to look at you, you will be calm. Would you come with me? Don’t do anything wrong.

thriller continues thriller continues It doesn’t do anything, trust me. Her name is Dora. It’s leukemia and it’s getting worse fast. Can you help my daughter? tension music continues Let’s get it this way guys. Why? A 28 year old woman. He took too many drugs. Did he say it himself? Yes, sir. Slow down, let’s go to bed. Be careful. Doctor lady. Slow. Can we talk? Of course. His stomach will be washed. Let’s prepare now. All right, sir. Here you go. Well, she was four months pregnant.

emotional music Baby did it for good. For what? That’s right. His father didn’t want him to fall. Didn’t he want it too? emotional music continues I talked to Metin. Nothing permanent will happen to the child. Did the child survive? Thanks to you. I do not understand. I… How can such things happen to me when I want so much ? Believe me, I don’t know either. emotional music continues call tone Is it tripping or something, I don’t understand.

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Yusuf Who knows who he is dealing with in the emergency room of the hospital. He doesn’t have time to take a trip, bro. I did not know, Yusuf father. I didn’t know. What are you looking at so carefully? Either I’m trying to reach our girl’s account or it doesn’t. It’s not coming out. He. Do you have a social media account? No, I just opened something. Lie. So there’s nothing in it. The purpose is to monitor the household. Hey, watching the household? I mean, you’re stalking. What? happy music Stalk, stalk. What’s that?

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