Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles free

The Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles free starts in a very interesting way. A boy named Sarap is shown walking towards the washroom. While he was supposed to be at the event where newly Indianized police officers were taking oath. The beginning is shown as many policemen gather. They have flags in front of them. By placing hands on them, they should take an oath

Sarp’s mother and his sister are waiting for Sarp to join the function. But he was moving towards the washroom. He enters the washroom. And opens the commode box and takes out the weapon At that time he was quite angry In the same way he comes out and reaches where the ceremony is going on.

He now breaks ranks and enters and calls out to the chief. Chief Yusuf  By then the whole crowd has dispersed. Panic has spread everywhere. The young men of the coffee security point a gun at him But Yusuf Chief calms everyone down. Then Sarap’s mother and sister also come forward Serap challenges the chief that he has destroyed him.

Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles free

Chief Yusuf says that you were fired because of your anger A week later shows why it is removed Serp Yilmaz’s father is a gangster. Who had committed many crimes For this reason, Chief Yusuf stripped him of his uniform Sarp’s four years of study would be wasted But actually something secret is going on behind it. Sarp gets upset on hearing this and comes out of the office

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Sarp hides this incident from his family. A week later, when the oath ceremony takes place, Serap arrives with the intention of killing the chief. But this becomes impossible in the presence of his mother Serap is forced to surrender. Sarp is put in jail Now the story is taken much further back. Where Serap is shown with his younger brother. His father and mother were also there Everyone is playing. That the police come They ask who is Mateen Yilmaz here?

Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles free

They arrest Mateen. Amud and his brother Serap are watching this whole scene. Mateen Amuad handed over to Sarp Mateen’s wife is deeply traumatized as earlier she thought her husband was a driver. He did not know that he was a murderer. Well, one day Sarp and his brother Amood were playing. Amood says he will play hide and seek. Then the serpent starts counting and hides against the vertical wall

But this whole scene is being watched by a third person. He gets a chance and grabs the pillar. On the other hand, when the snake returns after completing its count, there is no name or sign of the column. He searches a lot but Amood would have gone somewhere The next day Sarp and his mother visit Mateen in prison.



Mateen is blown away after hearing all these things. He says he went but can’t come back But Sarap’s mother protests that he should find her Or search for it by being called by Jalal But Mateen does not give a specific answer. Insider Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles free Then the serpent and his mother return. Wait for the next Revo that’s it for now.

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