Ramo Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles free

Yes, Hodja Ziya… Ramo Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles free …there must be a reason for this, right? This woman… …why would she lie out of the blue, huh? Yes, Hodja Ziya, tell us a reasonable reason… …we will believe you. Yes, Zehra… …I’m looking forward to it too, can you explain? Will I find out why, sister?

No, I’m waiting for the reason from there. One second, one second, calm down, please. Are we married now? He is married. We have our child. He’s there. Show me then… …your marriage certificate, huh? It’s like he’s officially married to me, and he’s asking me for a marriage certificate. We had an imam marriage. Don’t believe me, for God’s sake. He’s lying while looking me in the eye.

Ramo Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles free

Well done… …Hodja Ziya. A woman in the village, a woman in the city… …in Kayseri and Izmir, bravo. You did the imam marriage yourself, didn’t you? He did it, he did it himself. He said that in my heart, they are both one. Here… …after I go to Istanbul, I will give you the official wedding… …he said. He said it with his own mouth, he said it exactly. Well done, bravo.

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You were going to have the official wedding to Zehra, the imam wedding to the one in the village… …oh I swear. Oh how well you made us sleep. It’s a scandal, dad. I mean, if I did something like this, all hell would break loose, Zehra is doing it, it won’t be a problem at all. What do you mean if I do it, girl? What does Ay Melis really mean?

Okay, now… …let’s not mess up, this is the topic. Yes, Ferruh… …when are you going to put an end to this disgrace, you too… Ramo Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles free …say something. What can I say, my dear Tülin. It’s a disgrace, it’s not going to happen. Don’t do it, but Mr. Ferruh. Is it you? Sir, look, this woman is lying. By Allah… …she is lying, please believe me now. Are you still in denial? Jerk. Come here, where do you think you’re going?


Where are you going? He will break my arm, he will break my arm, my arm hurts Ziya, I beg you to leave. Ay … …officially inflicts violence on women . What does it matter? What violence are you talking about, Ms. Tülin, what violence? Don’t you see, he slapped me, spit in my face… Ramo Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles free …throws a ring on it, was exposed to violence… …I am officially here. You just deserved it. My husband is my lady, please do not interfere. Both love and beat.

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