Ramo Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free

Since I work here, Ramo Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free you shouldn’t be surprised to see me here. Naturally. Are you alone, sir? No, I am not alone, I am with God. Hopefully. I think you were praying, I interrupted, sir. Don’t worry. Mr. Semih, I guess you have never seen a person praying.

Am I praying right now? Huh, that’s it… …sorry you’re doing something ee… I’m wearing a rosary, right? You are praising. You are praising, sir. I’m sorry, I entered without permission like this, but… Mr. Semih, you can’t enter here with permission anyway. People come here without permission, whenever they want.

Ramo Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free

No, what is the wind that brought you here, Mr. Semih? No. Actually, I was going to check out a friend. You were going to look at your friend and leave. What kind of friend is this? A masked friend. Is it masked? By Allah, Semih Bey, I think you are looking for this friend of yours in the wrong place. There is no masked person here. People don’t come here with masks.

Everyone takes off their mask when they come here. Sir, you completely misunderstood me, I am not talking about an abstract mask. I am talking about such a concrete mask that can be put on and held by hand. By Allah, Semih Bey, there is no such masked person in our community.

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Gee. Masked man… By Allah, I am hearing from you for the first time. Where did you lose this friend, where are you looking for? What if I was following this ca… Teacher, is there any other way out of the mosque? There is no god. Entrances and exits are through the same door. Gee. But I also saw him enter the mosque. It means you misunderstood Mr. Semih.


As you can see, there is no one here but me right now. [God, where did this disappear in a blink of an eye?] Well, teacher, I’m sorry for disturbing you. Well, good prayers to you, my teacher. Ramo Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free Thank you, Mr. Semih, thank you. Goodbye. Good evening. Jackal.

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