Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

Other than money and power? Alone. Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Thank you Halvin Effendi. She buried Genghis today. who are you? – I’m Jihan. Which Jehan? Who Seyhan killed her brother is Jihan. Jehan Bird. it has been a long time. I forgot your voice. You just haven’t forgotten my voice, Jerv.

Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

I forgot who I am. my son. I guess Genghis I’m not a man if I don’t bury him. Whoever remains of your family will make them all, I’ll kill us all, boy. Alone. You’re missing. since three years Welcome brother. How long have you been here? – He is a good man. You said let me know when you come alone.

What? Why does it look like this? Because I survived, are you angry? You are a childhood, Sybil. Your life is at stake. Childhood? A little dance at the bottom, what do I want to do? Tell me. I’ll deal with it. Then I say what you need to do. Dance. Come on, dance. Sibel. What? You have danced enough.

Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

You have also drunk. If you want now? What if you dance a little? Oh my God, that’s a word. My dad’s men, do you dance? You can get heavy. Someone sees. Don’t do this to me, Sibel. What? Say. Do not be confused with others. I’m not like them. why is that? How are you? Are you from other shooters what distinguishes?

I am not a shooter. Sibel. Empty it here. what the hell? – I said let it go. what happens? – I do not understand. Walk and go, don’t bother. – Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free What is he doing here? Come. You are N’apıyo? I exaggerated a little I didn’t drink much.

How much we danced. Moon Girl, there’s a wedding dress here. I fatos. If you don’t believe it, find yourself out. – Where? look look. Look at this veil, here is its tail. French lace, Maşallah. Seriously there. Moon Girl says Buzz will definitely talk to my brother. You know this job. My fortune tells me.

Come on, I hope. Ie Cavidan you made me happy God makes you a happy girl. Trustworthy. Come on wash it, let your fortune out. Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Stop it, stop it, it was a decision. Come on girl, I got married one day … What is Fattoush for marriage? Sometimes I am into a Hango joke. When will you bring me? He doesn’t even answer. Mine is a dream.

What the hell is this girl? You’re well again. We are five minutes by the creek our life passes through illegal immigration. Call me to come. I’ll take it off. No! Spend time alone, hungry, Fattoush. Let me tell you young people will never come again. Come. Call, call. Hassan. “M sick. What happened again?” Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free If that happens, a disaster. My brother is alive and safe. I don’t care about the world. nephew. Say exactly what they said. What are their decisions? The room they call took me.

Suleiman Agha, Petrolco Alpay, here is one of the other families. Everyone was there. This means you went to the room. What room? – Disaster. Presidents’ place. Nobody knows where it is. Now leave the room fashion. Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free What did they judge about us? The war is over, uncle. They want peace. Essah. a lie. Praise be to God several thousand, have the girl heard a disaster? I heard my brother heard. Well, my prayers are acceptable.

How many days did I sleep? Stop disasters, stop disasters. See my friend. My lungs. If there is peace. How your face looks You never look happy. good, Ensha allah? No or bad? You decide now. They made such a condition. My joy remained in my harvest. They want to solve the problem the old-fashioned way.

So. We will take the girl and give it to the girl. With Ramo Seibel, Fatos will also marry Niko. What are you saying, do you know my father? I am my daughter’s husband, should I marry her killer? There is no such thing. impossible. Neslihan didn’t ask your opinion. In fact, no one was asked about the idea. The judgment was passed. Everyone will comply with this provision. Wake up wow if you don’t sleep.

Grandpa is fine. Is this happening? A dog named Ramo killed my father. Now he will come and marry my brother? I’ll take his brother too. What was his name? Fatos. Fatos. Fattoush. Hey that crazy girl. Where do you know? Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Either you stayed with them, mom. He looked at me there. Get food and water. Get down on the ground. Like black for my son I’ll have his daughter now. Lebanese army. I’m sorry, dad.

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You can submit. I don’t bow down. What are you doing with that pretty neck you’ve lifted up so you can serve it. Neslihan? You have been missing for years, Dad. How are things going here, who is running, You don’t know anything. I saw how it walked. Ramo is not mine, Genghis’s fault. He paid with his life. Now let me protect my family.

What do you think I do? Do you protect like this? Or hostility aside. Who is Ramo? I will give her my daughter. Before sibel in life not a mother anyway. Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Once you die, you know your grandfather. I will take over this task. None of you with Sibel you don’t talk. Especially you Neco. Keep the chin tight. I talk to him alone.

Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

What is the benefit of your speech? He never accepts. You do not understand how you settled? If you like, you will find another way. I find. I found it. How to treat it the old fashioned way Who do you think came to mind? How do? is yours? Why? Ramo Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Listen, Neslihan. What does the groom say? One goes, one comes. His name was Genghis, Ramo no difference.


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