Malek Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Hüseyin, Malek Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Free Download sir. Hello how are you? Does the gentleman speak Turkish? I know much better than you think. I am so sorry. I think I broke a pot. Is it okay? Sorry. Let me introduce you. My daughter, Merve. Oh, how nice. There’s a princess here, huh? Please enjoy the bubble. Thanks. Thank you so much for inviting me to the prom . We thank you very much for coming. Please enjoy. Thank you very much. We thank you. They’ll be calling for you to speak shortly, sir.

Malek Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Let’s wait and see. Ok. Mrs. Narin. Oh, come on. Well, let me introduce you right away. Mr. Yıldırım is my guest. And Thomas Hartman himself. Pleased to meet you. Me too. Congratulations. You are doing great things for the kids. By the way , I saw you at the press conference yesterday, as I understand you love Turkey and Turks very much. Your words were very important. A little too dangerous. I don’t really like politics. But I love this land and Turkey. Lovely. What job were you doing? I am busy with gardening.

Fruits, vegetables, etc. Ah, I love people who work with the land. You mean you are a farmer? Sort of. tension music continues I interrupted you as well, but I was going to ask you a little bit about Ms. Narin, apologizing. I’ll be on stage a little later, I have to ask him something. Estağfurullah, come on, of course. I’m coming right now. Ok. the thriller continues music drops Latin music So, tell me. Who are you? Lieutenant, it looks like you haven’t made any new friends lately. What to do there?

Malek Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

I mean, when one is talking to you, it feels like they have such an interrogation light on their head, I don’t know, they have a handcuff in their hands. How did we meet you? Let me tell. The guy at the next table at a restaurant abroad was, like, a minute or two before his brain exploded, right? TRUE. Our second encounter… You were chasing a terrorist, I was chasing you. It’s incredible, isn’t it? So, now that you look at it that way, of course you’re right. You are right. But I think we can normalize a bit now.

Well, tell me. How many are brothers? I’m an only child. Basketball or football? I’m not very interested, I just follow the national matches. Who are you living with? Single or do you have a roommate? My mother. With your mother? Uh huh. Is the query over? Let’s not call it an interrogation now. Let’s call him getting to know each other better. Ok. Her sister’s name is Pelin. Your father is probably a retired cop. emotional music So, the profession may be family run.

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You’ve never been married or divorced a long time ago. You don’t have a girlfriend. emotional music continues So… Where are you getting these from? There is no ring mark on his finger. I think you wouldn’t go out to dinner with me if you had a girlfriend. Unless your purpose is to question me. Her sister’s name is Pelin, I remember. I swear there is no lie. I threw your father out too, but I guess he got it. What? Are we here to find the agents, or Or to listen to Mr. Ali’s romantic predictions?

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