Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Thank god you opened your eyes. Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download You’re fine, you’re fine. I’ll go call the nurse now, okay? He alone knew we were going to miss the doctor, the drugs, everything. They don’t know anything. In other words, he has done what we have said so far, he has not done anything wrong to us. Research well. If he didn’t go underground, find him.

Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Ok. Efraim, Yıldırım knows that I am alive. I am extremely sorry for our loss. Also, thank you for coming here today . I know, the agenda is busy. Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download We thank you, sir. We thank you. Thanks. Good work, see you. Goodbye. unintelligible conversations between them tension music continues Mustafa, the statement of the man who came from Gaziantep reads “I rented a second car”. What is this? Yes, commissioner. The first is the van of those who came to the stadium with a bomb.

We don’t know what the latter was, but the vehicle was found burned. He holds it with the plate he gave. Forensic Medicine is also investigating, commissioner. Okay, go see if anything came up. Order understood, commissioner. There’s nothing else in hand. Well, I tried quite a bit too, but nothing much came out. They did a lot of work without telling the guy anything. Heh. joyful music I was just going to relate the subject to this friend. It even dripped. Which friend am I? Look behind you. joyful music continues No? I thought I’d come visit you.

Based on the cliché ” Let’s have dessert and talk sweet,” I brought baklava. Omer, take the box from our guest’s hand. Distribute to friends. If he brought dessert. Still, if you pour us two pieces each, maybe with tea… I’ll call if anything happens, Omer. All right, commissioner. Korkut Ali clears his throat joyful music ends How should I pass? Go where you want. I sat like that last time. Korkut Ali breathes emotional music You covered everything, is there paint? Well, no, the reason for your visit? What happened to your arm? Get well soon. I hit the wall. To Wall? Get well soon. What’s up?

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Here, Cemil called from the stadium. You went to visit, you asked about me. I also wanted to come to see if there is anything important. Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download hours? What about really commissioner, do you question every person you meet like this, or is it just for me? Because now I’m going to start taking it a little personally . You put that friend after me, nothing came out. Well, let’s do this. If you have any doubts, ask me directly. Let’s get this thing out of the way.

It’s possible. What were you doing in Gaziantep? Is it pistachio? I did not go out of Istanbul. Really? Like that. So, if you don’t believe, there is a chart in the stadium, we print cards. If you don’t believe, you can have a look. OK, no problem then. That’s how I came too. Malek Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles Free Download I looked, you’re gone, I’m out. Very nice. Then there is no problem. No. Very good. Here you go. emotional music ends Korkut Ali Well. It’s going to be a little weird, but I have a friend. Chef in the restaurant. He also cooks very well.

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