Malek Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Did anything unusual happen? Malek Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Did you notice anything? No bro. Brother, where does this road lead? I don’t know, I just started. Look one.tension music rises] Damn! [tension music continues] [chants]horn sounds]tension music ends] -Teams have arrived. -I saw. Where is this Turkoglu?tension music]chants]tension music continues] Türkoğlu, give me a voice, where are you? Bomb disposal is here, where are you? Stop!

Malek Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

[gunshots] [man groans] [tension music drops] [chants are heard] It’s 17 minutes. Korkut Ali, how are you doing?chants]gunfire] Hands up! raise your hands!tension music continues] I told you to remove it! Ali, is the police in front of you? Raise your hands, you’ll eat the bullet! Gently come back to me! Slow! -Horse gun! -There is a bomb. Drop the gun! There is a bomb in the stadium. -I told you it’s a horse gun! -Ok. I throw. [thriller ends] [guys moan]thriller]chants] Horse gun! Ok.The magazine falls to the floor] Look, I got a bomb threat. This man is also a suspect, question? Who are you? I’m the head of security.

OMG. I also remembered you. Look, forget about it now. I’m telling you there’s a possibility of a bomb. There are 30,000 people in the stadium. Do you question the man? -Shut up! -Okay okay. -If you move, you eat the bullet. -Okay, I’m not doing anything. I already shot the man for you. You can trust me, I’m the head of security. Question that man, please.Cem] Yes brother, keep going. Don’t reveal your identity, man. Go ahead, Ali.tension music continues] Talk, talk! Did I say talk? -Go to hell. -To hell with you! Any other police team? Shut up! Uff. I say talk! talk! 16 minutes left, come on bro, keep going bro.

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tension music continues] Talk, talk! Don’t move, I’ll shoot. It says electrician on the card. Your panels might have put it there, shall we? Where is the electric room? It has to be on that side. Fall in front of me. -Ok.together] Goal! [tension music] -Türkoğlu, which side are you on? Brother, there is a policeman next to Ali. He said he was a security guard so as not to reveal his identity . So, act accordingly. [chants] -Let’s see. Either this kid goes and finds trouble, or trouble comes and finds this kid. Where is Turkoglu now? They’re looking for electrical panels. Less than four minutes left. Look guys, there are thousands of people here.

We ‘re gonna get this done before anyone even gets a nosebleed, okay? The state trained us for these times. Come on, let me see you. entrust it to Allah. Brother, there are security guards over there, come, let’s ask. Come on, walk.Thriller music rises]Thriller music falls] -The Lamb. -Yes bro? you no? Brother, now these guys will run away when these bombs explode. We have to be prepared. Ya Ezgi… …our guys will defuse the bomb, but God forbid, if things go wrong, we have to follow these guys. Brother, the guys say bombs, not bombs. They say bombs! Calm down lamb. Brother, they said bombs! Ezgi, calm down.

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