Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download

Brother, Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download where does this road lead? I don’t know, I just started.tension music rises] Man, I have to go inside -We need to evacuate the stadium. -Yes, sir. I found. Iranian made. Yes. Aha, cryptors started to break into all accounts one by one. They are waiting for the bomb to explode. Yes. Cryptographers started preparations. If the bomb goes off, they will continue operations. There are 30,000 people, there will be a stampede. Will you explode?thriller ends]

Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download

-Did I say something like that? [chants are heard]phone rings] -Sir, my manager? -Stop, stop, stop. Joseph, stop.tension music] The police are still against him. Brother, I think Ali met the girl, the police officer, in the Austrian operation last week, but I don’t know his exact identity. Gee. Let’s not decipher both of us, Yusuf. -You go, find out what’s going on. [radio sounds] Okay.emotional thriller music]radio sounds] Take it easy. Yusuf Cetin. Thank. Lieutenant, would you take a look here? I’ll keep you informed, manager.emotional thriller music continues] I’m here for information.

Who is this friend? Why are his hands in handcuffs? Is this the one who planted the bomb? No, he found the bomb. Well, then why are his hands in handcuffs? Because he shot the one who put the bomb and for some reason I came across a similar incident. [thriller ends] [phone rings] -My private is alone. [Lale] Ali, my son, one gives a news.Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download I’m at a meeting, I’ll call you, okay? [thriller music] -Okay, okay. -Let it stay with you. -Ok. Lieutenant, they stopped the bomb. OK, wait, I’m voices] I’m listening.Ezgi] Ali! Ali, do you hear me? What happened to the bomb?

Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download

Ali. Ali. Ali, do you hear me? Lightning bro. Lightning bro! Give me a voice.siren sounds] I said bombs. I said bombs, man! I said bombs! I said!emotional music continues]siren sounds] Yusuf brother. are you there bro? Brother Yusuf, give a voice, brother.cough]alarm] Okay, okay, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid, baby.unintelligible speeches] Do not be afraid, do not be afraid.female] Where are you?female] Help! Please help! I can not breathe! Help, please!emotional music ends Are you okay? -Is everyone okay? -We’re fine, commissioner. Good.tension music] They tricked us.

They set a trap, you bastards.thriller continues] Cryptocurrency. Elif, let’s not lose sight of cryptographers. Whatever they will do, they will do now. OK, OK, OK. We’re done with Turkish banks. I’m leaving the hotel internet. Lets start. I bought a million dollars in Bitcoin. I bought $550,000 in Ethereum. Buy $20 million Altcoins. Ok.thriller continues] Come on. -Open it Ali, come on. They are no longer on the hotel internet. It doesn’t open.tension music continues] Come on, Yusuf tone] Ali. -Hungry father Yusuf, hungry father Yusuf. -Ali. -Come on. Ali, Korkut Ali, do you hear? Lightning bro! Brother Yıldırım-

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Yes, they are here. Brother, they left the hotel’s internet network. Maybe they have their own internet connection. They probably started dealing with money . Cem, is there anything we can do so you can follow up? No, unfortunately not, but don’t overlook them. They will transfer cryptocurrencies to the cold wallet. What will they pass on? Malek Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles free Download by hand. It will be convertible into cash anywhere in the world. Okay okay. Here we are. This is us here, Cem. Come on bro, come on. Brother, pack it up. Pack up bro. They blew it badly.

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