Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

E, the plane was delayed, Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download that’s why. Now look at it. Kemal, my heart is eating my soul. I mean, a tiny baby. What will he do there without his mother or father? I want to be with that baby. emotional music How so, like what? I do not know. I mean, both of their parents are old people. How will they take care of the little baby? Let’s support them, be with them. What? You got me. I understand you. I understand you. Your belt is in the top drawer. I’m leaving.

Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

emotional music continues door opens and closes I got you. music drops phone key sounds message tone Esra Ece! message voice Esra Ece! Uff! I’m calling out to you, Ece, don’t you hear, girl? I haven’t heard, mom. Check your watch, you’ll be late for school. message tone Okay, nothing will happen. Who are you talking to in the morning, girl? You will meet your friends when you go to school anyway . Look, it’s not falling from the hand of that phone, it’s not falling! Do I have to tell your father, huh? Okay, okay, I quit, come on. I’m even packing your bag, come on.

Ok. Lazy, come on. message tone joyful music phone key sounds music drops You’re such an insipid tea, brother! What a nonbrewable tea you are. He turned on the computer. Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download What? I burned, burned, burned. Are you okay? Cem moans Are you okay? emotional music Well… Well… It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt. You should apply cream. Ok. Sabiha Gokcen. Going. But where? Can you check your IP address? tension music 212 198 22 177. What will it do for us? 212 198 22 177. They’re dishonest. Oh, oh.

Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

And find that bastard for me, now! tension music Okay, sir. tension music rises My Meral. Meralim, my Meral, my Meral. I can’t find this black belt. You know. E, in the cupboard, in the top drawer. In the top drawer. I’m leaving. Where? To hospital? Well, no, I’ll stop by Ferhatlar first. Where will you stop by? Well… Shall we talk, Kemal? Let’s talk, smile. Let’s talk. We don’t have children. I mean, if you break up with me, it can be yours, of course. But mine doesn’t. Meral, don’t say that, don’t do that either. Don’t do it, Meral. Okay, have a listen. Kemal, I’ve been staring at the ceiling for hours some nights like this.

I was saying, “How lucky are Ferhat and Pınar.” Oh Mine. I said that if I keep silent, maybe my pain will be relieved, but being silent while it burns like a fire is the worst of pain. Silence is speaking to one’s heart. emotional music Throwing in. But he can’t get into it, Mine. I… I couldn’t hold us together. I couldn’t protect my nest. Look, you’re here on the ground, and I’m still alive, empty. It’s empty. emotional music continues My head is bent like these violets’ necks are bent… My head is down, Mine. He is not dead.

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Lightning This man cannot communicate with the Habtor. I know this Habtor demon well. He always builds a wall for himself. They will meet with his man and go to the Habtor. Malek Episode 2 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download You said the other side of the border or something, but we don’t know where it is, do we? Phones don’t work there either. It is not possible to follow it closely. I will find a solution to it on how to follow it. I mean, if we somehow find a way to replace him. Our man will take us as far as the Habtor. Here it is not possible. Because they made a video call, we can’t pass.

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