Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download

WHat do you want to say? Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download For Elfaz… … you said you were responsible for your wife’s death. Will you tell? Why do you ant to know this? We work together. Didn’t I tell you, The less we know about each other , the better? Elfaz knows the bastard. Can’t I know? Don’t know! You started to talk a lot again, Türkoğlu. Do not talk too much!

Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download

If you’re going to talk like that, go and put it on the lady’s desk, reveal your identity, everything will be easier and more comfortable. emotional music So you won’t be able to tell. I won’t tell. Look, don’t even give your secret to the pen, it will go and write it on paper. Am I asking you, what is your life in the military? My commander! emotional music ends military clash sounds Am I asking? I’m not asking.

Alp, let go of what you have. Go quickly, wash your hands. Then help the table, your father will be coming soon. Ok. Look at me, Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download I’ll break your head, onion dwarf, got it? Did you fall in love? Alp! You will also call me sister, I am not your age. Go. If I get proof, I’ll blackmail you. joyful music continues I don’t blackmail if I get a stick. I’ll break your head! If you’re still sitting in that chair when your father comes , I’ll break your head, you know.

You will not stay with me. ha ha! joyful music ends Why don’t you write? What are you thinking, girl, to yourself? Nothing, mom. It’s okay mom, it’s okay mom. Well, poplar winds. emotional music emotional music continues Lightning Oh my dear, my dear, my dear. We will always be by your side my dear, always, always. emotional music continues Yıldırım’s daughter Daddy is here. What did you bring when you came to me? Did you take that doll I told you about?

emotional music continues Yıldırım’s daughter Dad, this has a picture of you and my mom in it. Very nice. emotional music continues Will you wear it around my neck? Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download Lightning Don’t I mind my daughter? Of course I will, I will. Come. Come here. Why are you getting off? A farewell episode? Which is the house? Each other’s right Just kidding, kidding. It. I’m coming to get it tomorrow. No, it’s out of service, thank goodness. Thank you. You’re welcome, good night.

Okay, yes, it is. Or our association has presidential elections. They want me to join too. Can I do it do you think? Of course you do. Why can’t you? Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download Gee! How are you different from the chosen ones? Are you sure? I am sure. I am pretty sure. Do it, my vote for you. And maybe you’ll be a little distant from the bridal conversation. laughs It’s not that easy, Mr. Korkut Ali. joyful music You can’t get away. I saw that beautiful girl who left you. He’s my coworker. A very dear friend of mine.

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I do not want this matter to be watered down, please. I ate, I ate, I ate this. Come on, get up, dinner’s ready. Did you put the broth? No, I didn’t. Look, Malek Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles free Download swear. I swear I didn’t put it. OK, I’m here. Heh, I found you Kather. Great, where was he? Where was he? Brother… Brother, he entered Haydarpaşa Harbor two days ago. Thriller music The camera didn’t come out again, according to the recordings. So inside. Probably. Look bro. There is no exit, man. What is this? My love, it’s great.

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