Malek Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

I waited for you to wake up.emotional Malek Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download music continues] I slept well though. I mean, you’ll have to dilute it, right? Come on, let me drink this. We will do whatever it takes. We’ll make it to the end, Uncle Zeki. -Did your father call? He called but I couldn’t pick up. Call me girl. Maybe it will give you an idea, huh? I’ll call you, don’t worry. Call me girl.Speaks with the Black Sea dialect] Anyway, we drank the water, the stream split.

Malek Episode 6 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

We went right through it like this, we passed, we’re leaving. Just like the president said, we came across mountain ranges, but like this. Like this, they are so tall. We said, ‘How are we going to climb this? Bearboghan said, “I climb.” We said, “Then we can climb too.” We all went out, the four of us, one after the other. We climb, we climb, we climb but how tired we are. We climb, we pull ourselves, we climb. I came to the end, I pulled myself. In front of me is a wolf.Joseph] Huh.

I said what are we going to do, I hid myself again. Give it to me, I said give me a stone from there. The doctor gave me a stone like this. I just checked, okay? I took myself out. I went out again, I put a stone right on his head. The wolf fainted. It remained like this. But if you laugh like that, I can’t tell, girl. You’re breaking my concentration. I’m laughing at your black accent, dad. You never used to laugh at this. In fact, you were listening with love, you were having a lot of fun. -We grew up from him, dad.

-You have grown, you have grown, I swear you have grown. I see it. One of you collapsed into the guest room. One of you is there, one of you is here. -Oh, what a great country. -You sleep one night with your son, you will understand why. -Huh, you say? -I say. No. Look at the sounds you make. You turn in bed fifty times. You don’t give people any comfort. It’s hard. -God, how bad am I? [Yusuf laughs] I always dreamed of having children who get along so well .

I am so happy that you are in such harmony right now. Shh. Pist, what happened? Dad, you know when you leave the house and go to work. What. We never ask you where you are going, what you are doing. Sometimes you are absent for three days, sometimes three weeks. But what happened today is a bit… What? Dad, you always come back home, okay? [emotional music] -Wherever you go. Brother Ferhat… Shh. Don’t say anything now, will you? Shall we talk later, okay?

Don’t say it now. My sister told the truth, but always come home, okay? Of course. I will come. Promise.Speaks with Black Sea dialect] Ula, when did I not keep my word, huh? Come here, come, come. Promise, of course I’ll be back.emotional music rises]emotional music continues] Come on.emotional music ends] What happened? They put a lot of emotional pressure on me. How did they grow so big? We were saying when they will leave the diapers, now someone is graduating from high school.

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And there hasn’t been a single day in my life where I didn’t worry about you. Good luck Ezra. You too. You too. -Come, let me see, come, come, come. [emotional music rises] This is the most beautiful place in the world. Exit. drops] You hit me in the head, Lieutenant. I didn’t hit.clicks on the door] I’m coming, Omar, wait two minutes. I want to see every bit of information in the report, down to the DNA of these two scumbags. Don’t worry, commissioner. Lieutenant, is there a lot of loss?

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