Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Isn’t that Habtor’s man? Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Enter the password. Look at me, don’t make me crazy, you hear? tension music continues Elif, inform the forensic medicine. Let them send a team here, it’s urgent. Now bro. The poor security guards they replaced, right? What. Shh, look at me, Yusuf father, is their situation bad? Not worse than you. Not worse than me. You didn’t understand it either. Ok. I will say it in your language. Espionage bro. Espionage. Are you spying?

Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Only my nephew has blocked you for sure. Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download No, he doesn’t do that, he opened the account himself. hm. So which girl would want her father to watch her? Look, let me tell you this. My nephew posted his photo on Instagram, and his friends commented on it. His father will read it too, right? He won’t do it, come on, he won’t. Do not do. Do not do. Let’s see. Ece Cetin. heh. Isn’t this my nephew’s account? Look, it’s undercover. He blocked you too. Wow coyote . But I will ask about it. joyful music ends You will distance your daughter from yourself.

The person a girl should trust the most is her father. The girl who is estranged from her father seeks that trust elsewhere, be careful. Heh Yusuf dad, you heard my brother Elif. Elif I solved the mails, but there is no Arabic among the languages ​​I know. I have activated the automatic translation system but some things are not translated properly. Thriller music Especially this e mail is weird. Ok. Then your brother Kemal, who speaks Arabic, comes. Kemal Elif, enlarge it a little. Elif Huh huh. Kemal “The toymaker has two gifts for you. Read the instructions and put the pieces together.

Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Then go play.” What is this now? He “What is this now?” Yildirim Abiye needs a consultation. Thriller music continues Thriller music continues Elfaz El Sarga. Codenamed toymaker. The ancients know, he’s a dangerous bomb expert. He’s a dirty bastard who keeps up with the conditions of the time, overworks, self indulgent, money hungry. Elif I called all field workers who might be in contact. There is no one. Maybe we can get information from informants in the area.

I’ve made a list of everyone we’ve been in close contact with over the past few years . Not everyone knows where it is. It knows very well how to hide itself. Serhat Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download He’s very cunning. That’s why we need one of the old ones. Let the old soil be someone so we can get to it right away. tension music rises We were giving these drugs but now it’s not working. female doctor This medicine for children. tension music If he’s using this, it means he’s at a level that can be surgically salvaged. Sad. I wish we had a chance to reach the child. Maybe we could save it.

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He needs to have surgery. Will it happen here? thriller continues Not here. But if we can take it to Turkey, we can stop this disease before it progresses. We can save him. Impossible . My daughter will not go to Turkey. You will do the surgery here. I can not do. I don’t . You will . Let them take the doctor to his room. Dora needs to rest. the thriller continues the thriller continues Let’s have a job for once. Then Korkut Ali makes a mess. Thriller music rises Thriller music continues Thriller music ends Selamunaleyküm. Alaik Salam, welcome. Thank you. What beautiful things are here.

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