Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 18


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 18

He walked over and stood before the throne. He opened it three times and tied the sword from his waist. The caliph made a gesture with his right hand, indicating that he accepted the title. He sat down on a chair. The women in the garden continued to dance and show off their bodies.

Signs of fate can be seen on the face of the caliph. Withered face turned red. He wanted to beg to find a slave girl behind him. On his head is a golden tray with a glass of red wine and a wine glass. Another maid took off the tray and handed it over. He raised the glass to his head and placed it on the plate. He tied his hands to his chest and lowered his head.

“I was deprived of this blessing.”

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Amir al-mu’minin laughed contemptuously, the brisk laughter of the dancers filled the courtroom, head to toe intoxicated with remorse. With the movements of Amir Muminin’s hands, the instruments began to hum, and then they began to ring, and from the sun and the moon, two of Hussein’s maids began to dance frantically, dressed as Eve. When the dance was over, he rose from his chair and looked at the caliph, but his eyes were fixed on the dancer’s bare hips. Instead of circling the throne, he kissed her quicksilver and came out cross-legged. As soon as you set foot on the Castle grounds, you see a line of elderly people, women and children, their legs covered with knees instead of blankets, and rags instead of clothes. The eyes are empty like a man, and the face is helpless like a beggar. A naked boy of six or seven stared at his glittering clothes and harness. The woman’s bare face is filled with the shadow of worry that does not require the existence of bread. He stopped the horse and approached the approaching old man. Najabat dripped from his face.

”Who are you? ”

“We used to be human, but now we are cheaper than loose clay. They are worse than mules, that is, they are deserted subjects of the Christian army. They are your subjects.”

“where are you from?” ”

“From Tyre.”

“Yes… come with us.”

A row of slaves standing in the back was ordered.

“The caravan is our guest and will have dinner with us.”

He sat on a special bench in the Prime Minister’s Office. The silver-haired girl washed her hands and chose on the table everything that the Egyptian Pharaoh Prime Minister could get. The old man kept eating, kept crying, and when his stomach was full and Nagiri was offered, he spoke.

“Aali Jah…we are Christians…because we were born into a Christian family. As far as religion is concerned, our religion is hunger, bread and suffering. We work like mules, fill our children’s hell, and sleep half belly Learn about the attributes of the Holy Spirit. Learn about symbols of unity and the Trinity. We cannot live in our own homes like the horses that rule Christians live in our fields. Our bodies have forgotten the joys of dressing. Tongue The taste has been forgotten. We return from springs thirsting for punishment for desecrating the ruler’s animals. We raise our sons to be the archery targets of Christian rulers, while practicing archery on their chests, whose necks are pierced by wandering Christians Covered by the swords of slaves. We have daughters to put out the psychological fire of Christian rulers in the eyes of helpless mothers, forced fathers and slain brothers.”

“Great! We no longer wait for the hour.”

“She’s coming to see us.”

“It has passed through our minds.”

He asked Shimla for his eyes. The wise beggar stood with his hands tied, put his seal on the weak shoulder of the old man, and announced.

“Your neck has become a scabbard, but the Lord of the worlds has one neck and a thousand necks.”

The old beggar left with tears in his eyes. He still held the sword in his hand. The cries kept dripping poison in his ears and the court of Amir Muminin in his eyes. After prayers in the Maghreb, when Najib reported the arrival of Afsar al-Barid (secret police and postmaster general), he was looking at the city of Tyre on a marble wall. As soon as he arrived, he put a red envelope on the boat and handed it over. He shook his head. Officer Al-Bareed broke the seal and began to read.

On the morning of the 1st in Muharram, the royal army from Jerusalem attacked Gaza. Set fire to mosques and blow the Quran quickly. Christian and Muslim populations were razed to the ground. Shakeel and young women are divisive. Children were enslaved. The elderly and the wounded moved to the suburbs. The army is now besieging these settlements and preparing for a massacre. Sabarftar’s messenger notified the Prime Minister.

(Seal) Khadim Al-Barid 1, Muharram Al-Haram 3

He thought for a while. Then applauding, he ordered the slaves.

“Amir Asa Kar…Afsar Sharti…and Mir Adl should be called.”

Officer Albarid frowned and understood a lot and asked.

Amir al-mu’minin did not like the way the Holy Prophet (saw) returned from the court of Khilafah. He prayed for Asr with the elders of the family. These little things have the potential to be the prelude to a political storm. On the outskirts of Cairo, there are thousands of sultan swordsmen who have served Khilafah for centuries, and you have ousted them. “

His thoughts went deeper.

The marble platform is carpeted. The work of the ebony chair gleams in the light of Adam’s tall candle. The moon in the sky is bright. Under the platform, a black stone canal gushed water, a small marble sapling, and the last tree lined with greenery, and a group of heavily armed Turkmen stood by the fig tree flag. In front is Mir Adil Qazi Emad-ud-Din, who doubles the Wajahat with his white turban and black beard on his white robe. Behind him is Amir Rashkar Malik Adil. In his style, there is a topaz crown with a scabbard dragging on the ground. Behind him is Amir Shalat Tufral, a thief who has been lingering around the ironclad youth. He stood up and saluted the people who came. The three of them kissed their hands and sat down on the chair. After a formal discussion, he raised the issue.

“The situation of the Muslim settlements on our borders has become pitiful. The story of the abandoned caravan evokes awe among the Afrangi to the Islamists of all countries. I am afraid that the whole nation will not be numb to the situation and will be satisfied for their suffering. That’s why an army of Jalal is needed to teach Christian cities to do our literature.”

“Why are you doing so much for this?” We’ll order a slave and we’ll ride. ”

But Qazi Emad-Oud-Din remained silent, his beard moving incessantly on the yellow collar of his chin.

“I don’t agree with this. Forgive me, Amir Asaka and Constable Sharaf. If an army of ten to twenty thousand goes, there is a danger of being trapped in a chain of coastal Christian fortresses, and Afrangis The victorious army of the victorious army started to make waves under the walls of Cairo. Thousands of riders coaches.. So I think the sultan riders who ambushed the harem, hiding in the bushes and the Fatimid treasures would conspire and the prime minister would have to deal with another A stronger enemy.”

“Should I request an army from Damascus?”

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“The sultan of Damascus is worried about the increasing popularity of the prime minister and he himself is making excuses for the return of his Rikab Syrian army. I do not expect him to send more troops. What assurance is there that the incoming army will not intend to take Egypt the throne, but the power to become your weapon?”

“Then what shall I do, my justice?””.

“You did what was repeatedly asked and what you repeatedly ignored.”

“I mean?”

That is, wrap up the old seat of the Fatima Caliph and put it in the corner. Deliver sick Azid (Caliph) to the ladies of the court, bury your spear on the throne of Egypt, preach the sermons of Norudin Mahmood and Caliph Abbasi in your mosque, Thrones are held in the hearts of kings and people. hand. A decisive attack on Jerusalem was then planned. “

The Isha prayer was then performed on the same platform and the oath was taken by placing the hand on the Quran.

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