Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 31


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 31

After a while, Richard got up with him, moved the tent away from the door, and entered the track. Stacks of golden pan-roasted Muslim birds, fried whole queens, soups, biscuits, fruit, fruit, cheese and honey were stacked on the oblong table below, and many golfers and star-studded maids stood politely. Richard motioned to sit down and start eating.

“There is nothing in it that does not accept the religion of our dear friend.”


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . click here to read episode 30

“What?” Richard rolled his eyes in surprise.

“Gold Pot.”

“You don’t need gold.”

“Yes, but not the pot. We use golden chairs, golden tables, golden beds, etc.”

Then the maids picked out all the food in the glassware. Richard pointed to a slave girl.

“She is our sister Jane’s exclusive maid.”

He was mature and fair, with blue eyes and red hair draped over the shoulders of his coat. He stared at her, where Eleanor’s portrait stood, her majestic gaze returning to the floor. As soon as the girl raised her head, she felt that her glassy heart was melted by the joy in that look. Her clothes are more expensive than other maids, and unlike other maids, she has no ornaments except the jewels on the head of the cross. Like a hospitable queen, she performed small services at the table with the utmost dignity and power, and the eyes of the maids were on her face. He was convinced that, just as he disguised himself as Malik Adel, Richard’s sister, Eleanor’s daughter, the former Queen of Sicily, also stood in slave girl form. He looked at Jane sharply, the golden knife in her hand began to tremble when she cut off her thigh, and a strange longing rose in her heart. He wanted to summon her like his daughter Effat Zamani, kiss her forehead, talk to her and enjoy the wealth of the throne. She is like Eleanor, sitting like a queen on her dream throne. The same power in the eyes, the same brilliance in Sarape, the same uncrownedness in the performance. He kept looking at her. Richard watched blankly. The look on Jian Ran’s face made him believe that she was familiar with the polite arrogance in his polite eyes. Richard’s voice speaks louder than his talisman.

“We want to meet your Sultan Azam. Meet the soldier who fought and destroyed the entire Christian Empire, one of his victories shook the whole Christian world. Talk to this great man whose generosity won Legendary fame and was called a knight of knights by Humphrey of Tabnin.”

Richard said all this with a heavy heart, and Jane looked at his face with interest, obviously attracted by Richard. It was as if he and Richard were familiar with the Sultan. After listening to him for a long time, I longed to see him.

“For politics, I want to see the Sultan we want to see, there are no ceremonial conditions for the meeting. The Sultan sent saints to heal us, sent cold water, ice cubes and fruit, accepted and sent gifts, but didn’t accept to heal us. He didn’t even want to Meet the Emperor of France, although he met Emperor Louis during the Second Crusade, when he was only the son of the governor of Damascus.”

He is now the greatest emperor in the East. ”

Jane heard her voice for the first time, along with Eleanor’s voice of fire and chastity.

Louis VII also made him a knight. ”

Richard took a bite.

“The mother of our king and the then queen of France made him successful in her service.”

Jane said excitedly.

“Yes, when she became Queen of England and claimed full rights to her private state antiques,” Louis’ courtiers fabricated the myth of that meeting. ”

Richard’s eyes narrowed as he spoke. After dinner, the conversation continued, and time flew by like a herald. The body was then taken to Chard’s bedroom. His decoration is the splendor of the king. Richard takes him in, gets permission to go back and pray for the dream. Jane and the other maids came in. Ebony opened his mouth and pointed to the silver box on the tripod.

“Take off your pajamas.”

She began to help open the old spokesman’s armor before his terrified eyes. Even on Iron Armor’s body, the soft touch of his fingers was a relief. It is a comfort that only a daughter can put her arms around her father’s neck. After he changed his clothes, she came in again with the same arrogant sincerity, and started to help him perform the Five Independents with her own hands. As she stood on the floor with an Egyptian prayer mat, she slipped out and ordered the British bodyguards who were standing behind the western wall to be removed, with complicated orders. As long as he was praying, Jane stood politely with the other maids. She put him on the mat, drew the curtains, and went out to pray that he would get a good night’s sleep.

He lay there thinking about Richard, who slaughtered four thousand innocent Muslims in Akka, how polite and hospitable and handsome he was today, and how visionary his military plans were. How much did the conquest of Acre cost the young general? He wanted to bring this victory to the safety of England. Somehow, he wanted to invade Jerusalem. His sister’s life would be ruined. What a thirst for fame. What about Jane? If Malik al-Adil sees Jane, his grip on the Crusaders is likely to loosen.

What a mysterious night it was. The world thinks Salahuddin Ayubi is Malik al-Adil, Eleanor’s daughter thinks he is her future husband, and Malik al-Adil is riding a horse to eat the icing on the cake. When he opened his eyes and pronounced the word, the guards murmured politely, and Jane was the first to come in. Behind her came the maid with hot water, silver baskets and silk. When he finished praying, Jane helped him put on the armor, placed him on the bed against the naked sword, took the dagger from under the pillow, and wrapped it around his waist. He closed his robe or tie with his hands. The turban placed on the bronze cauldron was held up by the hands of this document, as if it were not a turban but a scripture. Then a heavily armed teenage girl standing at the door announced Richard’s arrival. Richard put his left hand on his chest enthusiastically and gave his right hand to himself. Have a formal conversation, then sit down for breakfast in another tent. Jane serves him.

“Sultan Azam loves our dear friend.”

”why? ”


According to reports, the entire Islamic army was on its back all night. Sultan Azam himself began his patrol on a good horse. The bell rang in his court all night, which meant he was awake with his nadeem all night. As a result, we stayed up all night. “

And when he got up to look for the war rabbit, Jane saw him for the last time. He seemed to be standing in the inner chamber of Damascus, accepting the farewells of Efate Zamani and Ismat al-Din. As he left the meeting of kings, princes, Nawabs and nobles, generals and priests, he went with Richard, saluting the Christian army, on horseback, and the ruler of Marvin took the reins. Richard shook hands with great enthusiasm and held for a long time.

He didn’t give up until the coach sounded the alarm. As soon as his foot stepped into the stirrup, he was hit in the neck. And the heavy flag hides it. Richard would remain silent in place as long as he could see his service. He entered his camp with a heavy load. (continue)

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . click here to read episode 32


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