Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . ep 16


Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . ep 16

A few days later, the ambassador of the Fatima Caliph in Cairo came to talk with the governor of Ashkelon about the religious unrest. In the evening he visited the ambassador who lived in the Red House “Rokar” (former) of the midwife Ashkelon. His horse wears a green and gold velvet saddle and silver ornaments.

In addition to five hundred soldiers dressed in Atlas robes, Zalbaft turbans and minimalist weapons, there were five hundred maids dressed in a thousand mules. Sarah Ashkelon came out to watch the parade. The unassuming governor of the Kingdom of Jerusalem has not met with the ambassador of his nephew, Emir Muminin, for three days. Finally, on the morning of the fourth day, when the sun rose with a spear, the ceremony took place. In addition to government members, Ashkelon’s priest was also present. Ambassador Kabir was engrossed in the pink scent of Ajla Pandey, the new maid she bought on the road. As he begins to speak, Wali Asqalan holds a dazzling pink hand with a ring on the minimalist grip of a dagger, his hair is finely trimmed, his beard and glowing forehead are behind his beard, Wali Asqalan counts. Attended with a delegation of wealthy Muslims. The head of the delegation put his hand on the neck of the Quran and declared the truth.

We have the same rights in the Christian Empire as the Fatimid dynasty in Baghdad and the Abbasid dynasty in Cairo. Our places of worship are safe. Our language and our culture are alive. We pray in mosques, fast at home, and walk as equals in bazaars and tourist areas. The riots were caused by Muslims themselves. Because Muslims have always been perfect rulers in the past. That’s why there are so many young people working hard even today, and when there is no work, demonic magic becomes cheap. On the night of the incident, a Muslim kidnapped the virgin and young daughter of a priest. When she was found, she broke into the priest’s house and beat him. Not only that, but when he was about to pray in the morning, he came to church to tear up the Bible, drew his sword and attacked innocent Christians, killing many people. As a result, something went wrong. You, ambassadors of foreign governments, have no right to question. We see this as interference and protest in the internal affairs of our government. “

The ambassador, who suffered during the maid’s hajj, was struck by this well-founded speech. Then he put his hand on the neck of the small but beautiful slave and got up and left without saying a word. After Ambassador Kabir left, the governor and clergy on the side also got up and left. But he just sat there. Then the head of the delegation, with his face down like a beggar, with his hands tied to his chest, knelt down near the foot of the governor’s chair.

The Supreme Government did not pay attention to Ghulamzada. “

What? I do not remember”

The eldest son of your slave is the secretary of the Muslim tax bureau, and he is misled into thinking he knows Arabic. According to the Qur’an, he was not familiar with the Arabic alphabet, and even in his dreams he could speak French. Where is my destiny? Otherwise, if the Holy Prophet (pbuh) stepped on this poor house, it would be obvious that even my daughter could speak French. If there is Saadat Ali, I will introduce him at Dar-e-Daulat and hear from the Supreme Government.

As he said this, his cheeks swelled to his ears with artificial pleasure, and it seemed from his attitude that he was now going to put his head under the governor’s feet.

“Well, I’ll lead the trustee to get your son back.” “

Like the pros, he began offering Amur Iqbal’s prayers for past and future generations of governors. Tired of his shyness and disgusting flattery, the governor addressed him.

“You are our guest and friend, who will come to Jerusalem from Damascus in June, and you are the beacon of the most revered family here, and the guide of the Muslim population of Ashkelon is Ibadah ibn Abbas. “

“So you’re from Damascus…very glad sir…tell me what’s going on with the Muslims there. I heard that Nooruddin Mehmood Zangi has heated up the murder and bloody market there and Muslims are fleeing and taking refuge in other governments.”

“That’s when we noticed.”

“Your Excellency may not be interested in Muslim thoughts and deeds … request a good presence.”

Say it. “

“Come with me at night. Visit Ashkelon and eat whatever lentils you have.”

He looked at the governor, who saved his life by saying “yes”, then got up without looking at the cross on his chest.

At dusk, he rode one horse and took the reins of the other, and went into town. In greeting the common Christian, he sometimes rests his forehead on the horse’s neck, and sometimes bends to the left and right of the saddle. He kept watching his trick and kept walking. When he got home, the slaves with faces of coercion and oppression dismounted from their horses and opened the stone door. The western flowers and plants of the church garden, one by one, stand on the edge of the green trees. The brown stone walls of the cubic room are painted white. The floor is covered with black carpet. The silver lampstand and ebony wall hangings are engraved with pictures of the Virgin Mary and the Son of God. Biblical myths are painted on the walls. At this time a girl, dressed as a Christian girl, came to the door, decorated with a Western scene, dressed as a Christian girl. Like the atoms of the tongue, Ibadah combines the folds of earth and sky in its unadorned pearly definition.chirp

Sultan Salahuddin Ayoubi. . . Chapter 15

This is my eldest daughter. “

The daughter speaks strong French. He was also familiar with the word.

My name is Emina. “

Emina? Well, Amina…good. “

He took a bite in the classical accent of eloquent Arabic. In such a short time, the second daughter came and imitated her sister enthusiastically.

My name is Edel Isaiah. “

“That’s Idrissa.”

He nodded, and the two daughters looked at their father as if he was plotting to humiliate them. And Ibada said in the tone of an overseas cleric.

What a blessing to be a decent person. “

A daughter asked in a fiery tone.

“Does the Pope know no French at all?”

Yes, just like the French don’t know Arabic. I was born in Damascus and have the privilege of calling the richest and richest language in the world my mother tongue. “

The group then waited very dry for food. He was taken to another room, and on an ugly table in front of the fireplace were all kinds of boiled meats and pale soups, with wine instead of water. He kept picking fresh fruit.

When the intensity of persistence increases, he said.

“I absolutely don’t like Western drab food and can’t stand their stench. And please put out the fire in this fireplace and ask for cold water.” (continued)

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