Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles

Welcome to the guests. It’s a pleasure to have you here. – Peace be upon you, Sheikh. – Peace and blessings be upon you too. I’m Uqba Nin Nafe’, and that’s my brother, Thareef. We left our homes after they were struck by drought, in search of food and water. So, do you have anything to offer us here in your land, Sheikh? You’re very welcome. Our land has an abundance of food. And we need someone to herd the cattle. As of today, you’ll be staying among us, and we will share what we have with you. Have a seat. Thank you, Sheikh. Suair, prepare the food for our guests. Abu Muslim says at the end of his letter that they are about to confront Abdullah bin Ali, and they’re awaiting your orders. One last attempt won’t hurt. – Abu Ayyoub. – Yes, My Lord. Write a letter to my uncle Abdullah guaranteeing his safety. Tell him in it that if he hands over his weapons and comes back to his senses, then I promise not do anything to him or anyone who supported him, no matter what they did. Nor will I send anyone to do them harm, secretly or publicly, in any way or form, verbally or in writing, or through trickery. If I do, then all Muslims will have permission to depose me and wage war against me. And peace be upon you. – Issa. – Yes, My Lord. Do you have any news from Mosel? The people of Mosel are still against the Abbasids, My Lord. They are hiding the Khawarej from our men in their houses. Okay. Bring me their chiefs. And ask the scholars if killing them would be permissible. – Are you done? – Yes, My Lord. Excuse me, My Lord. Her Ladyship the Caliph’s wife insisted that I told you she needed to see you about an important matter. – Later, Rabie. – As you wish, My Lord. Excuse me. Give it to the messenger, Abu Ayyoub. Good morning, Arwa. Good morning. Why didn’t you come when I sent for you? – What? – I sent for you dozens of times. In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night, – but you didn’t come. – What’s the matter? Your arrogant aunt threw Alia’s stuff out of her room and kicked her out of it. No problem.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 20

I will talk to her about it. You said this dozens of times since we moved to the palace, But you never did it. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. Hello, Ma’am. Look at this silk. And these gifts. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. Look at this silk and these gifts. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. Come to see our perfumes, gifts and silk. Peace be upon you, Sir. Peace and blessings be upon you too. – I have a question. – Go ahead. I heard that the venerated Imam, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd, had passed through this land and I’m eager to see him. I’d like to support him in his dissent from the oppressive Abbasids. I have never heard of him. Okay, Sir. Come and see my merchandise. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. We have perfumes, gifts and silk. Take a look, Sir. Look. Look at this silk. Woe betide you! Who did this? Remove his chains and shackles at once. Pardon me, Cousin. Who did this to you? I don’t know. One of your men. Didn’t you recognize him? No, I didn’t. Please forgive me, Cousin. A Hashemite is humiliated in the lands of Islam under my rule! A Hashemite is humiliated in the lands of Islam under my rule! Please, have a seat. What are you thinking about, My Lord? What am I doing in the middle of this conflict? The Caliph versus his insurgent uncle. I have nothing to do with this. You’re pondering these thoughts again. My Lord, it’s better to take the Caliph’s side than to defy him. If you go back to him carrying Abdullah’s head, he will be quick to reward you. How so? You’re the founder of this State, whether they like it or not. You’re its foundation stone and its sword in the face of insurgents. So, why wouldn’t you be the Successor? The Successor. You’re such a fool, Abu Ishaq. Poor thing! I’m just a Mawla of the Arabs. I came as a servant of the Abbasid Imam, and they made me one of their own, just as they did with millions of Mawali to establish their rule. Soon they will send us back to their farms and estates, where we used to be. Then why are you fighting? So I could go back to Khorasan. I swear if I was back among its people, breathing its air, I will go back to face the Abbasids as a free man.

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Verbally or in writing, or through trickery. If I do, all Muslims will have permission to depose me and wage war against me. Peace be upon you. What do you think about this letter, Yazeed? I don’t believe Abu Jaafar’s guarantee of our safety. It must be a trick. A trick. As for me, I have to believe him. I believe him. Cousin, this is a thousand thousand Dirhams worth of gifts. Along with some servants, maids and concubines outside. That’s our gift to you, in the hope that you’d forgive what our ruler did, may he be cursed! God bless you. However, Cousin, I won’t rest or find peace until you bring me your two sons. Muhammad and Ibrahim, so that I can show them some generosity and make them two of my closest men. I wish I knew where they were, so I could tell them how good you’ve been to their father, so they could show their gratitude and pledge allegiance to you. I wish you would do that, Cousin. I wish you would. I feel so lonely in here and I’m eager to see them, to make them high ranked men in this court. We would exchange advice. And they would own as much as I own of this Kingdom. By God, Cousin, we didn’t deny you your right to the Caliphate, but you rejected it. Didn’t you receive the letters by Abu Salama Al-Khallal and turned them down? What did you want us to do? Should we have left the throne be taken away from the Hashemites? To be taken back by the Umayyads? Please do, Cousin. Bring me Muhammad and Ibrahim, so I may find peace at seeing them. Have a seat. Woe be to you! Don’t you realize the situation we’re in? The people of Syria tricked us and we killed our Khorasani soldiers who were the advocates of our Call, and it was all based on your advice. And now we’re completely helpless. The commanders follow the orders of the chiefs of Syria, and if they came to support us in this war, they wouldn’t do it because they believe I’m entitled to be the Caliph, no. They would be doing it to take revenge on us the Abbasids. Yes, the Abbasids. He’s bluffing. He’s bluffing. He would cut our heads off as soon as he captures us. I agree on the motives of the Syrian armies, but it’s fine as long as they are fighting Abu Jaafar’s army. If they win, you will be the Caliph. And if they are defeated, we’ll ask him for forgiveness. aren’t we his uncles? We did so much for this Call to become a Kingdom, and we have a right to the Caliphate too. Don’t forget that the Syrian armies have more men and weapons. So, don’t miss this chance. Do not miss this chance. Muhammad, we must stay in the people’s sight so nothing would happen to us. I have a bad feeling. I feel that something is being plotted against us. I’m worried Abu Jaafar would do something to our families. That’s possible, Muhammad. We must expect anything after what we did. Let’s go. What’s this, Abdullah? A thousand thousand Dirhams A thousand thousand Dirhams. It’s a fraction of our kingdom which the Abbasids stole from us. – What’s wrong? – I’m thinking about my sons. They were condemned to a life of suffering because of this. We don’t know where they are now. I’m thinking about something else. What’s that? How would Muslims denounce their pledge of allegiance to Abu Jaafar? He has taken their oath. How? Saleh will be on the right flank, and you, Ibn Quhtuba, on the left. And I will lead the center. We will march tonight and hide our soldiers in ditches so they won’t be exposed in daylight. And then Saleh will come forward, act defeated and retreat. And once they reach our ditches, you will surround them, and then I’ll attack from the center and we’ll form a circle around the Syrians. That’s what we will do. Okay, I will inform Saleh of the plan and we will get ready for tomorrow. Let’s go. Until when will these accompany us? They will help us fight Abdullah. And once we defeat Abdullah, they will keep me from going back to Khorasan. Their armies put together are bigger than our army, Abu Ishaq. If Abdullah is defeated, I have a trick that would pave the road to Khorasan for us. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you too. You look like you have something to say. Only if the Emir of the Believers allows me to speak. Since you became Caliph, My Lord, we’ve been neglecting the coastal cities. If you could give the orders… The inner cities first, Abu Ayyoub. The inner cities. We won’t be strong enough while fighting over the Caliphate and the Leadership, while the volcanoes of insurgency are boiling under our feet. You can’t be fine on the outside and sick on the inside. The Caliphate is not about sitting on a throne and living in a palace. The Caliphate is all about the Caliph’s authority. I want a solid ground to stand on, Abu Ayyoub, to establish my ground. After that I’ll have time for the coastal cities and the conquests. Uniting the Muslims comes first and foremost. After that, I shall strike with an iron fist anyone who messes with that unity. Only then we will have power and glory. How do you want me to deal with the coastal cities now, while Abdullah bin Ali is establishing an independent state in Syria, Abu Muslim Al-Khorasani’s eyes are on Khorasan, the Alawis are waiting for their chance to attack me, and the Khawarej are hiding behind the walls of Mosel? Soon enough one of them will fall, Abu Ayyoub. Either Abu Muslim or my uncle Abdullah. After that I will deal with the winner among them and crush him.


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