Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles

Get this heretic out of here. Disperse them. O Mansour, Lord of the Great Palace. – Go. – O Mansour, Lord of the Great Palace. O Mansour, Lord of the Great Palace. O Mansour, Lord of the Great Palace. Please sit down. Sit down. How is our guest? The King’s brother is asking what’s going on, My Lord. Nothing, just a group of soldiers celebrating their commander’s wedding. Translate that. Are we permitted to kill Al-Mansour for rejecting us? Yes, we will kill him for imprisoning our Lord Al-Ablaq. We must get our Lord Al-Ablaq out. I have a plan. Listen to me. And with this, we’re done with the ship loads, Abu Ayyoub. Yes, My Lord. – My Lord. – What, Issa? We received some bad news. The Romans attacked our ports in Malta and destroyed them. Send my uncle Saleh bin Ali to rebuild Malta until I have time to take care of that. Yes, My Lord. The King’s brother is asking for permission to leave to his country in the morning, My Lord. Tell him we would like to host him for a few more days, Abu Ayyoub. Yes, My Lord. The King’s brother has to go back, My Lord. He’s also inviting you to visit his country. I shall do that, with God’s will. The King’s brother asks permission to go back to his chamber, to get ready for the trip, My Lord. He has my permission, Abu Ayyoub. No problem. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 23

There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. There is no god but the One God. Come on, men! My Lord! My Lord! Al-Ablaq’s followers invaded the palace. Fight them! – Good job! – Is the Caliph fine? Yes, he is fine. What are you waiting for? – What do you mean? – I’m not sure what the Caliph would do. Go now before I change my mind. Go, hurry! What happened to you, Othman? Just a minor injury, My Lord. Where is Maan? He seized the chance to escape while we were caught up in the fighting. He thinks I would not pardon him. – Bring him to me at once. – Yes, My Lord. – Issa. – Yes, My Lord. Escort the King’s Deputy to the port to bid him farewell. Make it sound less serious to him. Tell him it’s just a group of riff-raff, nothing more. – Yes, My Lord. – Go. You’re truly the most generous of Arabs, Maan. You saved my life after I almost took yours. This is the ultimate generosity. I hereby pardon you, Maan. And I shall appoint you as a ruler over a province of your choice, so name it. Your pardon suffices me, My Lord. But I’d rather you relieve me of being a ruler. No, I won’t. Make a choice. If the Emir of the Believers insists, then let it be Yemen. I have many friends there and some of my relatives of the Shaiban Tribe. Write this down, Rabie. Yes, My Lord. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Welcome, Minister. This is a letter from the Emir of the Believers, ordering you to march towards Khorasan, to eliminate the sedition of Sinbad the Majusi. I shall go, with God’s will. That infidel has collected a lot of money, as he took over Abu Muslim’s money. If you kill him, reserve that money and send it to us. I shall do that, with God’s will. Have you sent Saleh to Malta? – He’s just left, with God’s blessings. – How many soldiers did he take? 40,000, And he will be joined by some soldiers from our division in Damascus. Godspeed. – Tell me when you leave. – I will, Minister. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. We shall march to Sinbad. Let’s go. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you. Have you sent to our Ruler in Khorasan, to tell him the army is marching towards them, Abu Ayyoub? – No, My Lord. – Why not? I don’t think he would be of assistance to us in Khorasan. Did he do something bad? The Chief of his Police, Abu Issam, told me that he was upset when he heard that you killed Abu Muslim, and that he said some nasty things. Sit down, Abu Ayyoub. He said some nasty things. Why didn’t you tell me about that? I didn’t find a good time, My Lord. It’s like the whole world is against you. But I wrote to him a letter of summons on your behalf. So, he sent a letter addressed to you which said: You only sent for me to ask me about Abu Muslim’s money, and you’ll kill me after that. He footed his letter with this: Abu Jaafar, try to fool someone else. Is that so? I’m counting Khaled Al-Thohli’s mistakes and I see that they’re increasing. He was wrong when he killed Issa bin Mahan with orders from Abu Muslim.

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My brother, God bless his soul, had ordered Abu Muslim to kill that so-called Al-Thohli, but he didn’t obey his orders. He kept stalling until my brother died. What are your orders, My Lord? Why won’t these people let me build the Kingdom? – Listen, Abu Ayyoub. – Yes, My Lord. I want you to go to Khorasan, discreetly. And I want you to meet with Abu Issam. What do I have to do with Khorasan? Am I the only man in this court? Go, to Khorasan, Abu Ayyoub. Go to war with me, Abu Ayyoub. Bring Abu Muslim back here, Abu Ayyoub. Can’t you ever forgive anyone, Abu Jaafar? But he has dissented from the Caliph’s order. It doesn’t matter what Al-Thohli, Abu Muslim or Abdullah did, what matters is my role in all this. I’m the one who chose the company of kings and this is how their life is. Conspiracies, killings, rebellion. No rest for the wicked. One day you’re in their good graces, and the next day they pour their wrath unto you. This is how kings are, Abu Ayyoub, so why are you complaining? My Lord. These are men who came from all over the lands as you ordered. They are painters, calligraphers, builders and sculptors. You know something, Issa? Whenever I go to a Mosque I read stories of the Umayyads in the ornaments on the walls. And in the carvings on the top and bottom of domes. It’s as if we, the Abbasids, are only guests in their lands. You’re right, My Lord. I gathered you here today to write the history of the Abbasid Call in every form of art. In sculpture, ornaments, carving and calligraphy. Write it even on gemstones. So that when our Kingdom ceases to be, and when its traces vanish over time, there will still be those carvings and that calligraphy, as witnesses to our glory. – What’s the matter, Rabie? – Peace be upon you, My Lord. Peace be upon you too. The builders are here, My Lord. – Send them in. – Right away. Abu Ayyoub asked me to reserve the money, but the soldiers have a right to the spoils. Distribute it among them fairly. Yes, Commander. Why did that treacherous Abbasid send you then? To tell me about his armies in my province and threaten me with them? He didn’t send me. I was passing through Khorasan and I wanted to drop by to see you. And I don’t know why you describe the Emir of the Believers as treacherous. Woe betide you, Abu Ayyoub. You know him better than anyone else. You know he’s been practicing treachery since he became Caliph. Look what he did to Abu Muslim after everything he’s done for their Kingdom. II want to talk to you about something and I don’t want anyone to hear it. No problem. You too, Abu Issam. Leave me alone with Abu Ayyoub. This money is ours. We were the ones who took it from the infidels. We risk our lives to collect it and send it to Abu Jaafar in the comfort of his palace in Hashimiyya? By God, this shan’t happen. Gather the soldiers. This is your money, your money. Nobody has a right to it, not even the Caliph himself. If you ask about the Abbasids, I will tell you the story. I was one of their secret missionaries before the revolution. I was in the army of Hassan bin Quhtuba. I fought the Umayyads with my own hands, and I wish I hadn’t. The Abbasids broke their promises as soon as they assumed the Caliphate. You know your Caliph better than I do. I have decided to dissent from him, so whoever wants to rejoin the Caliph’s army is free to do so. And whoever wants to stay with us and have his share of the spoils, then he is more than welcome, until God accomplishes His will for us. The Umayyads used to fortify and defend cities and ports, by building fortresses, strongholds and domes, so they would preserve their history and their culture. I want to preserve the history of the Abbasids in its entirety. So, work on that as much as you can. We will, My Lord. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you too. What is it, Issa? Ibn Marar has eliminated Sinbad’s sedition, Thank God. That’s good news. Why do I see fury in your eyes? Sinbad’s money and what’s left of Abu Muslim’s money. – What about it? – He distributed it among his soldiers and commanders. There’s no power or might except with God’s help! How come this money enchants anyone who lays hands on it? My uncle Abdullah, then Abu Muslim, and now Commander Al-Ajali. He thinks his soldiers are entitled to it.


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