Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

Beautiful. That’s beautiful, Abu Ayyoub. I’ve seen enough. Let’s go back to the palace. Don’t you want to see the rest of the estates that were turn into gardens? Let’s go. Get ready. That’s enough, Rabie. I don’t want to hear anything else from you after I saw for myself. Abu Jafir Al-Mansur My Lord, there must be some trick. I swear I visited those estates yesterday and they weren’t as you saw them today. Please, My Lord, let’s go to these estates again but without telling anyone.

You’ll see the trick I’m talking about. What if you were wrong, Rabie? You won’t see me in this palace again, My Lord. What’s this, Rabie? Here are the lands which Abu Ayyoub promised to turn into gardens. What he showed you were estates owned by some Emirs. How are our estates, Abu Ayyoub? They have become gardens, thanks to your care, My Lord. May I take my leave? I feel so sleepy. Me too, My Lord. I’ll take my leave. Sit down, Rabie. You stay too, Abu Ayyoub. What’s preoccupying you? Nothing, My Lord. Nothing. Sit down. What’s preoccupying our beloved Minister? My Lord, a member of my family asked me for some money, and I don’t know how to get it. How much did they want? Abu Jafir Al-Mansur 100,000, My Lord. Whether it was 100,000 Dirhams or 300,000 Dirhams, how could you steal from the State’s treasury, Abu Ayyoub? You rob me when you’re my Minister? Have I ever denied you anything you asked for? Have I ever refused to listen to your advice? I made you the closest person to my heart. But I can’t find you any excuse. You doomed yourself and betrayed my trust for a handful of money! I feel sorry for you, Abu Ayyoub. And I’m sorry for myself too; as today I’ve lost a life-long friend and companion. Listen, Muhammad. – Yes, My Lord. – Be careful when choosing your cortege.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 29

I made this man a Minister so he did whatever he wanted. He suggested I appointed certain Rulers, so I appointed them. And when he advised me to remove them, I removed them. I thought he was my brother, but I was wrong about him. Sit down, Muhammad. – Othman. – Yes, My Lord. Take this thief with the rest of his men, and throw them all in jail. Confiscate their money, and turn their homes into stables for your horses. And when you’re done, cut their heads off. Yes, My Lord. – Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. Bring me Suleiman bin Habeeb bin Al-Muhallab. – Right away, My Lord. – Wait. Don’t bring him just yet. Bring him here and cut his head off. I will do that, My Lord. – Now, Rabie. – Yes, My Lord. – Leave me alone, Muhammad. – Yes, My Lord. Where did you go with the Abbasids’ money? I don’t know, My Lord. You don’t know? Or did you send it to your followers so they could get men and weapons, so you could seek your alleged Caliphate. Speak! You don’t want to speak? Okay, that’s fine, Abbasid. Damn you! He’ll kill you if you don’t pay him. I swear I know nothing about this, Abu Ayyoub. Please have mercy, My Lord. The man didn’t do anything to warrant his killing. Get away from me. You’re the one who brought him to me. I will pay you the money myself, My Lord. – You will pay me? – Yes. – Then you know where it is. – No, My Lord. But I will give you my life savings, provided you let this poor man go. Okay. Okay. Get out of my face. Go get the money. Right away, My Lord. – Arwa. – I see you’re alone, Abu Jaafar. If only you knew how sad I am, Arwa. What makes you sad? My Minister, Abu Ayyoub stole from the State’s treasury. He stole from it? Then you must punish him. I did. I did. Why did you do that, Abu Ayyoub? I don’t know. Perhaps it was because I saw good in you. Don’t forget that you shared my food. Abu Jaafar, won’t you stay in Damascus? No. I’m going to Humaima. May God reward you for what you did for me, Abu Ayyoub. I promise that I will never forget what you did for me. Believe me. God be with you. Goodbye. Farewell. Who’s that? My Lord the Minister? Welcome! Welcome! The poet was right when he said: We found that kings envy those they put in charge. Once they see him giving orders and being obeyed, they inflict their wrath upon him. Suleiman drank from the glass after Hafs, and he faced the same fate. Those who receive the worse treatment by them, are those who are called Scribes and Ministers. Why are you looking at me like that? There’s something that puzzles me, Arwa. What is it? How did you manage to keep your beauty for all those years? And that spark in your eyes. It’s the same spark you had when I saw you for the first time. Abu Jaafar, we’re too old for this. But the poet was right when he said: How could you act like a young man when your hair is turning gray? The Caliphate made us forget our days. It stole our sweet nights together, Arwa. I’ve been unfair to myself and to you. I got used to it. Haven’t you had enough of y our city’s charm? Baghdad? I’m thinking about what that Roman said. The Patriarch? What he advised me to do was the right thing. Then do it. I will, God willing. Once we’re done with moving the market, I want you to dig two channels from Tigris to Baghdad, Rabie. – We don’t have any water. – I’ll work on that, with God’s will. There’s no harm in planting some plants here and there too. – As you wish, My Lord. – Rabie. Yes, My Lord. As of now, you are a Minister. Me, My Lord? Your Minister? My Lord. May I know what Abu Ayyoub has done? He stole from the State’s treasury, Issa. Stop it. I wanted to appoint Rabie as Minister for no reason. Why not? Isn’t he the grandson of Kaisan, the slave of Othman bin Affan? After he was taken captive from the Mount of Hebron. Stop it, Issa! Go, Rabie. Yes, My Lord. What’s keeping you up? Al-Mahdi, Arwa. What about him? I’m afraid he’s not fit to be Successor. He must go into war. A real war. Don’t you remember how we were before we assumed the Caliphate, Arwa? We were battered by fear, worry and gruesome wars. As for Al-Mahdi, he was born a prince. I’m afraid that if I die… May God grant you long life. It’s all in God’s hands. I’m afraid he won’t be able to stand his ground for a month after me, unless… – Unless what? – Unless he faces death firsthand. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. And worship God alone and do not ascribe divinity to aught beside Him.

And do good unto your parents, and near of kin, and unto orphans, and the needy, and the neighbor from among your own people, and the neighbor who is a stranger and the friend by your side, and the wayfarer, and those whom you rightfully possess. Verily, God doesn’t love those who are arrogant and boastful. Those who are stingy and bid others to be stingy, and conceal whatever God has bestowed upon them out of His bounty. So we have readied shameful suffering for all who thus deny the truth. God Almighty has spoken the truth. God Almighty has spoken the truth. That was a great recitation. Who is that, Rabie? I wanted the Emir of the Believers to start his day with a recitation from the Holy Quran. You did well, Rabie. But… Stinginess? People think I’m stingy? Not at all, My Lord. By God, if wealth wasn’t what keeps men in power, and if it wasn’t the backbone and the adornment of life and piety, I wouldn’t let a day pass with so little as a Dirham or a Dinar in my pocket. I’m sure of that, My Lord. Muhammad, come hither. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you, too. I want you to prepare the armies and prepare yourself to conquer Tabarstan. – Tabarstan? – Yes.

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Enlist the help of anyone you want for that. Enlist the help of Khazem Al-Tamimi and Abul Khaseeb. When you’re ready, march with God’s blessing. I’m afraid I heard there was a war raging between the king of Tabarstan, and the king of Danbawand. I’m aware of that, Rabie. I don’t want to be late in ending that conflict between them. – Do you understand, Muhammad? – I will march to war, with God’s will. How is the market? It hasn’t been moved yet. I want to see Baghdad’s market before it’s moved outside the walls. Would you like to join us, Rabie? That would be an honor, My Lord. I will get your procession ready. No, we will go on foot, now. Yes, Othman. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace be upon you too. Tell me, did you find out who her father is? Yes, My Lord. He’s a Yemeni perfumist, and his name is Abu Khaled. I brought him with me. Great, bring him in. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you too. Come here, Abu Khaled. Abu Khaled, I saw your daughter Laila and I thought to myself that she was fit to be the wife of a king. So, what do you think? When did you see my daughter, My Lord? I mean, did you come by the market? When? I didn’t… You didn’t answer the Caliph’s question. What do you say to the Caliph’s proposal? What can I say, My Lord? She’d be honored to be your servant. How could I refuse to marry my daughter off to the Emir of the Believers? Congratulations, My Lord. I don’t want to marry her. I want her to marry my son Al-Mahdi. Me, Father? Yes, Son. As for me, your mother made me take a pledge to prevent me from marrying again. Sit down, Abu Khaled. Sit down. Sit down, Rabie. – Besides, Father… – Won’t you stop blabbering? That’s enough, Muhammad. Listen, Son. I decided that you will marry that girl. Go tell your mother and get ready to take her with you to Tabarstan. Yes, My Lord. Excuse me. The poet Al-Asmaie is at the door, My Lord. – Does he know the stipulation? – Yes. I told him about it. Okay then. Send him in. The poet Al-Asmaie, My Lord. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you. Welcome, Asmaie. – Do you know the stipulation? -Yes, My Lord. Just as well as I know the reward. The weight of what I wrote the poem on in gold. That if it is really your poem. Well, Asmaie, let us hear it. The voice of the nightingale , agitated my drunken heart. The water and the flowers together, with the flowers of the glances of the eyes.


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