Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Abu Muslim! That Khorasani Mawla. Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 14 in Urdu SubtitlesThe Imam’s servant in Humaima does all that? Then he was not a servant. He even may not have come by coincidence. He’s not the same young man who came to us one day, with the leadership letter.

He has become a fierce beast, devouring anyone who disagrees with him. A fire whose flames reach higher, consuming everything around. Tell him. Tell him what he forbade the chieftains to do. Yes, Abu Jaafar. He forbade the chieftains to enter Marv. Then, gather the chieftains, and get ready to go to Marv. Right away. Until when will the Umayyads keep locking people inside their homes? Why do the Umayyads do that?

Do you mean, why do they prevent people from leaving their homes? Yes. This question has two answers. The first answer is that the Umayyads are doing this, because of the seditions and unrests that were sparked in Damascus like it has never witnessed before during the Umayyads’ rule. – And the other answer? – It’s because God Almighty says, and He is the Best of all Speakers

Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Every nation has an end. The Umayyads did two mistakes. The first was when they invented the Succession, thus disregarding the Islamic concept of Shura. And the other mistake was when they killed Hussein bin Ali, and then killed his grandson Zaid bin Ali. They paraded his decapitated head through the streets, to attest to their strictness and severity when it comes to governance.

They forgot they can’t secure Arabs’ loyalty with brute force. How many a kingdom perished because of brutality? If my predictions are right, Um Ali, I think the Umayyad reign will soon vanish. I had that feeling since their Emirs fought over power. Their own wise man Al-Abbas bin Al-Waleed was right when he said: Don’t provoke the wolves among people, for when wolves are provoked, they devour. Don’t throw yourselves into the mouth of death, as then regret won’t help. And their current situation is expressed by the poetic verse: We were ruled by an unworthy man, and he sparked war among us. Despite all that, Marwan bin Muhammad moved the Capital of the Caliphate from Damascus to Harran, thus dividing the nation and reminding the people, that they belong to different tribes, before being Muslims. I think we should march with our armies from Marv to Tous and then to Jarajan and then Ray. We would be moving away from the center of leadership. I shall move the leadership to Nishapur, to be close to the army. Won’t you come with us to Iraq, sir? Who else could conquer Iraq other than me? You would be very close to Karaman Province. Who appointed Ibn Ghubair as a ruler there? Amer bin Dabara. When will Emir Ibn Karamani show up in Kufa? We agreed on the time and the place. Go. Wait here. Who are you? Tell Abu Muslim the chieftains insist on seeing him about a grave matter. Are you Arabs or Mawali? Arabs. The Leader doesn’t meet with Arabs. See? Tell your Leader we have a message from the Imam. – Imam? – Yes, the Imam. Where is the letter? – On my tongue. – Okay. Wait here. Why didn’t the messenger come alone? And you, Ibn Katheer, didn’t I forbid you from entering Marv? Would you forbid me, too, Abu Muslim? My lord! Won’t you invite us into your palace, Abu Muslim? Follow me. Let everyone come in. Thank God you didn’t forget your Master, Abu Muslim. I dare not forget, my lord. Come here, Abu Muslim. Bring us something to drink, we’ve gotten thirsty. – Peace be upon you. – Peace and blessings be upon you, too. Ibn Katheer, go with the other chieftains and do as we agreed. Let’s go, fellow chieftains. We have so much to do. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you, too. Come forward, commanders. – Which of you is Quhtuba? – That’s me, sir. The Imam appointed you as a commander over the armies heading to Iraq.

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The armies must be fully ready by morning. If you face any difficulties, you can come to Abu Muslim, as he’s the leader of our Call. – Go. – Yes, sir. Where is the Imam? He won’t be here until Iraq is conquered. I want to have some rest, see to that. Yes, my lord. Calm down, Abdullah. Calm down. I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t! Let’s wait for Abu Jaafar to come back and see what happened. Let me go, Imam.

May God help us! I wonder where this call will take us. Stop! Arrest him! Arrest him. Victory is to God, victory is to the people of Muhammad. Victory is to God, victory is to the people of Muhammad. Victory is to God, victory is to the people of Muhammad. Victory is to God, victory is to the people of Muhammad. In the Name of God, Most Graceful, Most Merciful. The Rightly-guided are the only winners. People of Khorasan. The Imam sends you his greetings, so peace and blessings be upon you. Do you know where you’re going? And who you are going to fight?

You are fighting the remainder of a people who had burned the House of God. And you are taking back a land that was owned by your ancestors, who were made victorious over their enemies, but they changed their principles, and then they became tyrants, and so they incurred God’s wrath, and He took away their power, and let the smallest people of the Umayyads to defeat them, and they took over their land, married their women, and enslaved their children.

And they ruled with justice, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. But they changed their principles and became tyrants, and scared the pious people who descend from the Household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, so God used you to inflict retribution on them through you. This is your retribution. This is your retribution. So go and inflict retribution for the sake of God.


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