Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

Who are you to reject the Caliph’s orders to assume the judiciary? What do you want? I’m not as lenient and tolerant as the Caliph. And my patience is running out with you. I’m giving you two choices: Either you assume the judiciary, or I’ll send you to jail. Does the Caliph know about this? That’s none of your business. Just answer my question. Give me some time to give people back their dues. And then what? I’ll go to jail. Escort him where he wants to go and then bring him back to me. Go! Go. Abu Jaafar’s army is gone to the last soldier. Thank God! Thank God nobody told on us. Looks like Abu Jaafar sent the army as a preemptive measure. I think we should wait until the Abbasid army reaches Hashimiyya, and then we will declare our Call. Some of our followers are starting to complain. Name the time and place, so we could go out as one man. But before that, send spies to tell our supporters. – May God be with us. – Yes, My Lord. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God How beautiful you are, Laila of Quraish! She’s the most beautiful and attractive woman in Kufa. She’s the daughter of the perfumist, Ibn Burd. Can you describe her for me? Perhaps I could say poem befitting of her beauty. Her beauty is enchanting, and she’s in the prime of youth. – Beautiful. – She has a great figure too. White as snow, stutters like a skilled dancer. The enemies kept badmouthing us, and we were the victims of greedy eyes and tongues. However, Laila, a stalk of bamboo, if they touched her with their hands she would become soft. Well said, Ibn Burd. – How much is this? – 4 Dirhams. – 4 Dirhams? That’s too much. – Don’t be angry, man. I will sell it to you for 2 Dirhams. What do you think? – 2 Dirhams? That’s too much. – No, 2 Dirhams is a fair price. – Is that fine with you? – What can I do? – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. – Peace be upon you, Father. – Laila. Why were you late? You knew how much I needed what I sent you to get. The customers came, they waited and waited until their patience ran out, and they left, taking their money with them. I’m sorry, Father, but the market is so crowded. It’s as if he whole world is in Kufa today. Where’s the rest of the stuff? The grocer refused to sell them to me until I paid their full price. He said: tell your father to pay off his debt or I’ll complain to the Ruler. That greedy merchant! He thinks all merchants are dishonest like him. Here, go back and buy the rest of stuff so I can prepare them for the customers. If they came back and didn’t find their orders ready, they would look for another perfumist. Come on, hurry up. – Okay. – Come on, go. Issa bin Moussa is here? When did you come back? My Lord. I’ve just come back. How was Basra when you left it? As well as might be desired. It has never been so loyal to you as much as I saw it this time. I thought you’d stay there longer. If you saw it as I did, you would build a palace there; as it’s the safest place for you. – That much? – And even more, My Lord. What about Ibn Al-Mahd? Ibrahim? The truth is, My Lord, I only heard about him from you. As for the news we received, that was only the talk of crazy people in the alleys of Basra. – Where did he go then? – My Lord, look for him everywhere except Basra.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 27

I’ve left no stone unturned and no man unchecked there. God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! Welcome, My Lord the Emir of Believers. Is that everything in the State’s treasury? This is everything, My Lord. Take it and count it then distribute it among our soldiers equally. – Give everyone their fair share. – Yes, My Lord. – What about Sufian Al-Muhallabi? – Where is he? – Shall we kill him, My Lord? – No. I don’t want to kill anyone who puts his weapon down. Banish him from Basra. – Basheer. – Yes, My Lord. How many men do we have now? 4,000 of the Arabs of Basra, and the number is increasing by the hour. It’s like the sign of victory, My Lord. – God willing. – God willing. God willing. So, Issa bin Moussa didn’t bring us the news we wanted from Basra. Thank God, My Lord. There was no harm in sending him. Better safe than sorry. – May I leave, My Lord? – Whereto, Son? Basra? If the Emir of the Believers allows. Godspeed. – Peace be upon you, My Lord. – Have a safe trip. – May I say something, My Lord? – Speak, Rabie. The poets haven’t entered your majlis for a while, as they find your rewards scanty. As you know, My Lord, poets are very important these days. True. I will humor the poets with an idea that will make them enter my palace and leave it without getting anything. We won’t have to pay them 1 Dirham. What’s that idea, My Lord? God is Greatest! God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – Peace be upon the Emir the Believers. – Peace and blessings be upon you too. White flags were raised all over Basra, My Lord. Thank God! – Did you kill anyone? – Very few men, My Lord. Don’t kill anyone, don’t spoil anything don’t cut any trees, and don’t burn anything. Observe God’s fear when it come to the lives of Muslims. I have given the instructions, God is my Witness. Peace be upon you. – Basheer. – Yes, My Lord. Look which of the neighboring districts is the weakest, and send someone to invite them to join our Call. Don’t fight them unless they refused and were stubborn. I sent 4 armies since this morning to Persia, Karaman, Kaskar and Wasit. Each army has 1,000 men and cavaliers. How many soldiers did you send to the ports, Issa? 60,000, My Lord. 60,000? How many did you leave behind to build Baghdad? 3,000. That means I have nobody left here. My Lord has enough guards and police men. What if something happened, Issa? My Lord, after Muahmmad bin Abdullah was killed, nobody will dare raise his head except to gaze at the stars.

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My Lord, My Lord! Slow down, Son. Slow down. What’s the matter? Thousands, My Lord. No, tens of thousands of Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Mahd’s followers armed with swords and horses, took the black flags down and replaced them with while flags. Even the women and the children are roaming the streets of Basra as if they’re celebrating. What were you saying, Issa, before we received the news from Basra? You were asking me to build a palace for me there? Pardon me, My Lord. Pardon me. I didn’t expect that after I visited Basra and saw what I had seen. You didn’t expect that? Get out of my face, Issa, – and prepare the armies. – But… Now, Issa! How many men are with him, Ishaq?


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