Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 2 in Urdu Subtitles

Where did you get this jewelry? I won’t give it to you, Omar. Isn’t it enough that you took all my jewelry and put it in the State’s treasury? I asked you where you got it. I’ve never seen it on you before. My father, God bless his soul, gave it to me. It will be sent back to the State’s treasury, otherwise we will have to be separated. It’s either me or this jewelry in this house. – Omar! – It will be sent back to the State’s treasury. As you wish. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Omar. You have changed. You’ve lost a lot of weight and you look so much different. I swear I wouldn’t recognize you if I wasn’t your wife. When you were an Emir over Al-Madina, you had a comfortable ride, fancy clothes, a bright face, good food and many servants.

ابو جعفر المنصور

Look at you now as the Emir of the Believers. What if you see me in my grave three days after death? With my eyeballs melting over my cheeks, my stomach open, my tongue dry and worms swarming all over my body. You would be more disgusted by me. Those who come first set the example, and those who come after them follow their example.

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They pledged allegiance to him, so he sent 12 chieftains of them. We follow the example of the Prophets, Moses and Muhammad, peace be upon them. Peace and prayers be upon them. Welcome, Hisham. Have a seat. Hello, Hisham. I came to complain to you about your husband, Fatima. Help me against him.


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