Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

So, you didn’t tell us why you came here, Falah. I just came to greet you. That’s it? Peace be upon the Prophet. Isn’t there anything you need? Need? Actually, My Lord, the wolf attacked my sheep, but it’s fine, it’s fine. I’m sure God will compensate me for them. How many sheep was killed? 50. The wolf devoured 50 sheep at once? It wasn’t alone, My Lord, it wasn’t alone. It brought its fellow wolves and they attacked my sheep as one wolf. You will get 50 sheep at once. But beware of the wolves, Falah, and don’t come back here, even if just for greetings. As you wish, My Lord. As you wish. – Peace be upon you. – Peace and blessings be upon you too. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you too. – You’re the expense clerk? – Yes, My Lord. Come hither. How many spies do you have? I don’t understand, My Lord. Hire spies over the expenses of everyone in the Court. Don’t exclude anyone, not even the Caliph himself. – You, My Lord? – Even me. I hired spies to know how we take money and how much is given away. But we don’t know how we’re spending. I want spies on what’s being taken, and spies on what’s being spent. Use the help of anyone you want for that. Now go. Yes, My Lord. And don’t light the lamps in broad daylight again in this palace. This is an extravagance I won’t tolerate. For me, a Dirham is worth a thousand thousand Dinars. This is the Muslims’ treasury, not Abu Jaafar’s. Off you go. Yes, My Lord. Riyah Al-Murri is here, My Lord. You’re Riyah Al-Murri? Your faithful servant, My Lord. I’m appointing you as prefect over Al-Madinah. What do you think? I’m your obedient servant and the hand with which you strike, My Lord. And the ear with which you hear, and the eye with which you see. Come here, Riyah. Welcome. Welcome, prefect of the Emir of Believers. Don’t you recognize me, Qasri? Who? Ziyad? Who else would it be? – You’re still here? – I’m still here, Qasri. You sent me to jail and forgot about me. And today you shall be forgotten. Baghdad will be circular in shape, so that it would be easier to defend it, Abu Ayyoub.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 24

Yes. And it will be surrounded with a huge ditch filled with deep water, which will encompass Baghdad. And it will be followed by robust brick spikes. And it shall have a number of gates, A gate to Kufa, a gate to Basra, a gate to Khorasan, and a gate to Syria. In the middle there shall be a great barrier which separates the major square where the Caliphate Palace is along with the Emirs’ palaces and then the divans and the Mosque. The road to the Court shall start from the water-filled ditch and end in a long labyrinth at the end of which there is a square-shaped plot of land lined with rocks. Do you understand, Rabie? Actually, My Lord, and quite honestly, I didn’t understand everything. No problem. , Tell them to make a drawing of what I described, and bring me the drawings as soon as they are done so I can explain it to you again. Go. I will do as you ordered at once, My Lord. I heard that some of Ali’s supporters take pride in their kinship to women, in order to delude the mobs. God didn’t make maternal relatives equal to paternal ones, nor are they equal to allies and comrades. That’s because God made an uncle equal to a father, and mentioned him before the mother. If God chose women for their kinship, then Amena would be the closest kin and the most entitled one, and the first one to enter Heaven. Why has the Emir of the Believers changed? He gives puts his son Al-Mahdi before me in some matters. I wonder what’s on his mind. I keep having suspicious thoughts from time to time. I hope I’m wrong about this. Son, a butler must not be ignorant, debilitated, stupid, subservient, despised, or one who asks questions or ill-natured. If he was ignorant, he would do you harm in a way you couldn’t think of, thinking he was doing you good. If he was debilitated, he wouldn’t perform his duties as he should. If he was stupid, Son, he wouldn’t recognize an honorable man and would favor a lowly man over him. Sit down, Son. Tell me, Abdullah, where are Muhammad and his brother Ibrahim hiding? Don’t you ever get tired of asking this question? I told you, I don’t know. I have no idea. Okay, Abdullah. Fine. Take him back to jail, and as of tomorrow, he will be alone. And I don’t want him to see the son. Keep him in constant darkness. Go! What does the Emir of the Believers think about cultivating the barren farms in Ahvaz? That’s fine, Abu Ayyoub. But how much would it cost? 300,000 Dirhams. And they will yield good revenues, My Lord. Okay. Do what you see fit. This is a letter from your prefect over Yemen. – Maen bin Zaeda? – Yes. – Read it. – He’s asking for permission to go on Pilgrimage this season. Pilgrimage, you say? Are you planning on going to Makkah, My Lord? I intend to do that, with God’s will, Abu Ayyoub. – Prepare for my trip, Abu Ayyoub. – May it be a blessed Pilgrimage. Don’t forget to pray for us, My Lord. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you too. What is it, Othman? What is the expenses clerk doing here? I brought you this money, My Lord. What’s this? It’s a surplus in expenses, My Lord. – Explain, Son. – I sold the leftovers of feasts. What did you do with the leftovers before? They were eaten by the servants, and what was left was given away to the poor and needy. That is not a waste of money. Keep it as it was. Remember, this is different from the lamps. Don’t stop the Caliph again. Forewarned is forearmed. Why didn’t you tell me what you wanted to do so I could give you advice? May God disgrace you. If I see you in this hallway again, I will kick you out of the palace. I’m eager to hear your news, Murri. I have good news, My Lord. Our man is about to fall into my hands. How? This is the letter from Abdullah Al-Mahd to his son Muhammad, whom he gave the title of “The Pure Spirit”. It doesn’t seem to be the first, My Lord. Bring Abdullah here. Bring Abdullah here. How did this letter get to you? I watched Hind, Abdullah’s wife, after I heard of their meeting. And I instructed my men to act as if they weren’t watching them. So, he gave her a letter, and she gave it to a messenger, so we followed him discreetly to take us where Muhammad was. But he didn’t follow through, so we brought him in and asked him, but he refused to tell us anything. You didn’t know how to make him speak? I did, My Lord. But he died while they were interrogating him. How is our judge doing? Al-Talhi, the Judge of Al-Madinah. Please pardon what he did, My Lord. I had no idea he sent for you about the dispute among the camel owners in Al-Madinah. Once I knew about it, I admonished him over and over. Woe betide you, Murri! How could you do that to Talhi, the judge of Al-Madinah? Abdullah, My Lord. I don’t know to mend fences between me and you, Cousin. I was generous to you, showering you with gifts and money, and I raised you in status, and yet you undermine my status. I believed you when you said you didn’t know where your sons were. You force me to harm you. You change my heart towards you until it’s black. Why is that? I seek to reconcile with you, but you cut me off. I seek to unite with you but you alienate yourself from me. Bring me your sons, Abdullah. Bring them to me, as they will have a great stature. They will have power and influence. They will be as you like. They will be honored and favored as my kinsmen. Why are you turning your face away from me? Look at me, Abdullah. What do you want? The Caliphate. We offered it to you but you rejected it. Don’t you ever get tired of saying that? What do you mean? The story of Al-Khallal. It’s true that Al-Khallal wrote to us, but it was behind your back. When you knew about it, you killed him. And then you spread the word that he was killed by the Khawarej. Besides, Jaafar Al-Sadeq was the one who rejected it.

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What about you? Didn’t you reject it? Because that was what Jaafar Al-Sadeq wanted. But my sons have a say in this. Where are your sons? Where are your sons? Where are your sons? I’m thinking about him too. How I wish I were in his place now! Jail is hard on someone in his position and at his age. Peace be upon you. What’s the matter? What happened? The Emir of the Believers is angry about the sons of Al-Mahd in Al-Madinah. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. Ta. Sin. Mim. These are the Verses of the Glorious Book that make the things clear. We narrate unto thee some of the story of Moses and Pharaoh for people who will believe. Behold, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and divided its people into castes. One group of them he deemed utterly low; he would slaughter their sons and spare only their women, for, behold, he was one of those who spread corruption. But we wanted to favor those who were oppressed in the land, and make them leaders, and make them the heirs. and to establish them securely in the land, and to let Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts experience through those the same thing which they feared. Emir of the Believers! Emir of the Believers! – What is it? – Abu Jaafar. He sent Master Abdullah along with some of our supporters to jail in Iraq. How could we see Baghdad rising in the plains before we build it? I don’t understand what you mean, My Lord. What the Emir of the Believers mean is that he wants to see the city and to take a tour in it before building it. So if he wanted to modify or change anything, we wouldn’t have to demolish or lose anything. Excuse me, My Lord. Pardon my ignorance. But how could the Caliph take a tour in the city before it’s built? That’s easy, Rabie. How is that? Do you know why we sent for you, Abu Hanifa? God knows. Bless you, My Lord. May God bless us all and give us peace of mind. Why didn’t you bless me, Abu Hanifa? Why didn’t you praise God? I praised him in my heart. And I blessed you in my heart.


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