Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles

What’s the matter, Muhammad? Nothing, My Lord. I saw you talking to Abu Ayyoub so I didn’t want to intrude. What’s so funny, My Lord? You have every right to hear everything that happens in this hall. You are my Successor, Muhammad. – What about Uncle Issa? – He has no right to this. If we want to honor him, Son, we will make him your Successor. This is your letter of appointment as a Ruler over Al-Andalus, Alaa. It’s stamped with the Emir of the Believers’ seal. – I don’t want to leave alone. – You will. And you will call secretly for the Emir of the Believers, Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour, the Hashemite, of the Household of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Peace be upon him. Once men start following you, we will send you a great force to defeat Abdul Rahman Al-Dakhel. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Kill them! Deter them! Sink your swords into their chests. People of Khorasan. People of Khorasan. Soldiers of Khorasan. People of Khorasan. Here he is our revered Imam, Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Mahd. He came to take your pledge on behalf of his brother, Muhammad bin Abdullah, the Emir of the Believers. That’s not Ibrahim. He’s an imposter. Come pledge allegiance to the Imam! Come pledge allegiance to the Imam. Come pledge allegiance to the grandson of the Prophet, peace be upon him. I’m Commander Khazem Al-Tamimi.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 26

I killed him because he was lying. He’s not Ibrahim bin Abdullah. I know the man as well as you know him. Look, look at yourselves. The people of Khorasan are fighting each other. And that apostate is watching you killing your own people. Look who’s helping him kill you. It’s none other than that imposter who claims to be a god, and deceives people with mercury water in that abandoned well. And the mirror panels with his concubines. As for this, I swear to Almighty God It’s the head of Muhammad bin Abdullah. If you believe me, capture that infidel apostate, but don’t kill him, as the Hashemite Emir of Believers, the Prophet’s cousin, wants him alive. – Capture him. – God is Greatest! God is Greatest! God is Greatest! O people, we gathered you to fight, and we took your pledge. The enemy is nearby. And they are large in numbers as you see. Victory is from God. And it’s all in His hands. And… I see it fit that… that I should give you permission and to relieve you from your pledge. So, whoever wants to stay may stay, and whoever wants to return, may do so. My Lord, You foresee defeat as I foresee it, as only Juhaina and Banu Shujaa stayed with us. And the Abbasid army has over 50,000 men. What do you suggest? Take your family and run for your life before the Caliph’s army attacks to kill you and kill us all. No, by God! I will not leave the city of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Good news, My Lord, they fell for the trick, thinking there were massive armies behind those torches, so they retreated and ran away. How many of them are left with Muhammad bin Abdullah? Only a few men. I wish the night could go on until none of them was left. But it’s almost dawn. Prepare the armies for a massive attack. – Yes, My Lord – Let’s go. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. People of Al-Madinah, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Mahd was killed. Muhammad was killed, Aunt! Muhammad was killed, Aunt! Muhammad was killed, Aunt! Where is my father, Mother? Send it to the districts, Issa. And put it on display at the market, to obliterate the dreams of whoever entertains thoughts of insurgency, and sparking seditions. Well done, Issa. I’m just one of the Emir of the Believers’ soldiers. What’s the matter, Othman? The Khorasani soldiers are complaining and creating commotion in the markets of Kufa and Basra. For killing Muhammad? Yes, My Lord. Don’t worry about it, Ibn Naheek. Don’t worry about it. I shall address them with a speech tomorrow after prayers. There’s something else, My Lord. It’s about Imam Malik. – Bring him in at once, go. – Yes, My Lord. Peace and blessings be upon you. – Peace and blessings be you too. – Peace be upon the great scholar. Welcome, Malik. I swear to Almighty God, I didn’t give orders for your imprisonment nor did I know about it. Sit down. Sit down Don’t worry about it, My Lord. Don’t worry.

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The people Al-Madinah will be fine as long as you are among them, Malik. I think you’re their protection from torment, as God spared them His torment for your sake, for they are the quickest of all people to fall for sedition. Isn’t that right? Tell me, Malik. Who is the best human being after the Prophet, peace be upon him. Abu Bakr and Omar, My Lord. You’ve just said the decisive word, Malik, and you were right. That’s what the Emir of the Believers thinks too. Listen, Malik, If you notice anything dubious by one of our Rulers over Makkah, Al-Madinah or any of our Rulers over Hejaz, then write to me about it, and I will give them the punishment they deserve. I heard that you are collecting the authentic sayings of the Prophet in a book you called “Al-Muwattaa”. Is that true? That’s right, My Lord. But I haven’t finished it yet. Please do, Malik. Do that. Do that so we can copy it and send it to the other districts, so that everyone may benefit from it. Do you promise me? Show him some hospitality, Issa. My condolences. Is this that masked creep who claims to be a god? Yes, My Lord. It’s him. – And this one? – The one who sparked the sedition. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Jabbar. The man who harassed the Abbasid woman. Chain him, and then take him to Salma the Abbasid and give her a sword. – My son! – Shut up! Is this how it is, Azdi? This is how you repay my favor? I’ve raised you in rank after you were a mere soldier, and then I raised you in rank further more until you became my Chief of Police and my confidant. You were one of my closest faithful men. And then I raised you in status by making you a Ruler. And then I turned a deaf ear to everything you did. So, you did whatever you wanted in Khorasan, Torturing and killing people and giving orders in my name. And in the end, you killed my family and my cousins. My Lord! You kill Abbasids? An honorable death, My Lord! Take him and kill him. And then crucify him at the gates of Kufa. You’re trembling with fear? Have you ever seen a god trembling with fear? Won’t you warn me of your bright light that burns whoever looks at it? – Please have mercy! – God damn you! Cut his head off. Now! I’m going to Basra Issa. Basra? Basra is burning with rage, My Lord. Going there would put your life in danger. Stay here and let me go instead. Everyone will die when God decides. I know the Khorasani soldiers better than anyone else, and I know how to quench their rage. – Then I’ll go with you. – No, you will stay here. This doesn’t need two men. Peace be upon you. Death for the Imam’s killer! Death for the Imam’s killer! – Death for the Imam’s killer! – Soldiers! Soldiers! The Emir of the Believers Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour will address you.


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